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Google Play Store Download Available in China


China is famous for banning certain websites and social media platforms and up until recently, Google Play Store was no exception. Despite the fact that according to a July 2017 report more than 78% of smartphones in China use the Android operation system, the Chinese firewall did not allow users to use the Play Console.

China is opening up

Published on Reddit and verified by Mr. Steve Albright of Phandroid, people in China can find under the option Pricing & Distribution tab the Google Play console. Another report published a screenshot in which it was clear that Google Play Store is no longer locked by the Chinese firewall and it shows as accessible to different Chinese regions.

This is good news considering that China has not seen with good eyes Google Play Store from its release, almost 10 years ago.

When will Google make the big announcement?

Considering than almost 80 % of Chinese people enjoy using the Android operating system, it is high likely that Google is making plans to finally enter the Chinese market.

Rumor has it that Google is staying silent until the launch of the Pixel 2 in October. If it turns out to be true, people in China will need to be patient.

Former Android Market, Google Play is the official store used on the Android operating system devices. The app also offers digital media entertainment such as music, magazines, books, movies and Tv programs. Some apps are free of charge while others come at a cost. Google Play Store is so popular that in 2017 it has reached over 2.7 million apps published. The app was launched back in 2012 together with Google Books, Google Music Google Play Newsstand, and Google Play Movies & TV.

Its interface is easy to use and apps can be searched by name or through key words.

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