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Google Play Store Update Brings Android App Management Improvements


The average experience when using the Google Play store is about to be overhauled as the new update seeks to make a lot of new changes to improve the user-friendliness of the service. We all know that Android smartphones more often than not get packed with all sorts of games, applications and tools. This sometimes can become both cumbersome for the phone and also for the user to manage efficiently.

The applications just sit in the devices and accumulate digital dust, and as such, making us forget about the completely often over long periods of time. Despite it being a relatively trivial thing to do, most users slack off the chore of going through lengthy lists of applications in order to delete or update them.

Google’s solution

Google has seen to fix this issue by a sizeable update. Previously, the information was presented in the form of separate cards which has shown only the name and rating of the application. Now, with the new update, the Google Play Store has a redesigned UI with more information such as file size, last time the application was used and time of update. The card display style is similar but with much smaller and more condensed this time.

The new interface will no longer make you go through various screens and taps in order to know more about your updates. Unnecessary information regarding applications has been removed from the app cards, such as developer and ratings. Besides this, an update button has been made available directly on the application card for ease of use.

As well as updating individual apps, the ‘’update all’’ button now has a ‘’Refresh’’ option in order to check for potentially new updates that didn’t show up – which before this new update required you to restart the Play Store application.

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