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Hillary’s Team Demands Obama Release His Tax Returns


And two minutes later he does!

This is pretty funny. Hillary spokesperson Phil Singer blasted out an email at 11:23 insisting that Obama release his tax returns for back years,
Exactly two minutes later, at 11:25, Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor emailed out word that Obama had posted his tax returns for 2000-2006 on his campaign web site. Turns out the Obama camp has been planning this for some time.

In pure political terms, this will obviously give more political potency to the Obama camp’s efforts to make Hillary’s failure to release her returns a key issue in the campaign. The Obama camp is now free to beat this drum between now and mid-April, when the Hillary camp has promised to release hers.

Reaction from the Clinton camp? Cue crickets…

Find Obama’s returns here.

Find Hillary’s returns…three days before the Pennyslvania primaries.

Anybody else have the feeling that there’s going to be something really interesting in there? Otherwise, why not just release them sooner rather than later?

TIME says they received the Obama email 2 minutes before they got the Clinton email. And they have a screenshot to prove it.

As they put it…

[…] the Obama campaign apparently defied the laws of TIME AND SPACE.


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