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How to Become YouTube Famous: A Simple Guide

With more than two billion users logging in monthly, YouTube is a platform where it’s become possible to get a lot of exposure and attention.

Not everyone can do it though. If it was easy to gain a following on YouTube, everyone would have one.

With YouTube here to stay and many making considerable money and connections through the platform, people are asking about how to become YouTube famous.


Pick Relevant Video Subjects

Trends come and go on YouTube, and the first thing you want to do is make sure you stay relevant. 

One of the best things to do in terms of getting more YouTube subscribers is taking the time to make sure your content is something people want to watch.

Therefore, pick things that are popular at the time of making the videos!

There are also evergreen trends. For example, beauty videos and storytimes seem to be here to stay.

Be Passionate

Although it’s important to pick trends that are relevant to audiences, you also want to make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.

YouTube can be a thankless job at first since you can’t monetize videos right away, so pick something you genuinely enjoy doing so it will see you through to fame. 


One key to getting more YouTube views is search engine optimization. This means making sure your videos will show up on search results, and won’t be buried by others. 

Read up on some tips on optimizing video content and make sure you implement the practices. 

Invest in Good Equipment

Although you should start by making a few videos that don’t cost you any money to film — just to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing — to get famous on YouTube, your videos should be high quality.

Some things you’ll need include:

  • A good light source if you can’t use natural light
  • A good camera
  • Editing software
  • Materials to film the videos (e.g., make-up for beauty videos)

If you decide you’re serious about committing, it’s time to buy these things.

Market Yourself

Going viral on YouTube is often the result of good marketing. Make sure you have an Instagram page at the very least where you can use hashtags to draw attention to yourself and direct people to your YouTube page.

It helps to interact with people in the comments and follow others who are doing similar things to you.

By connecting with fellow YouTubers and potential viewers, you’ll bring in people who are here to stay — and that’s what you need to get YouTube famous.

This is How to Become YouTube Famous

Many aren’t sure how to become YouTube famous, but it’s doable — many have managed in the past! Be dedicated, engage with your audience, employ SEO practices, and make sure you’re your best self.

After all, no one else can do ‘you’ quite as well as you can!

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