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How to Change Facebook Messenger Settings on Your Desktop App

Facebook is always changing. With almost 80% of Facebook users on mobile, it shows a change in how people are on Facebook. 

But as Facebook changes, it can be hard to keep up with these changes. It can be hard to figure some stuff out. 

One of the more difficult things to change is a Facebook messenger on your desktop app. 

If you’re unsure of how to do this, read on and see how to change Facebook Messenger settings on your desktop app. 


How to install the App 

You can create a messenger account without Facebook. You just need to open the mobile app on your mobile device. 

After you open it, you tap on the “Not on Facebook” icon at the bottom of the screen. Thereafter, you enter your phone number and continue. Then enter the code Messenger sends to your phone. 

After you complete these steps, you can open on your desktop without opening Facebook. 

You just have to sign in like you would with Facebook and it shows all your contacts. Now you can message them!

If you’re having trouble with, you can always contact Facebook support chat

The Benefits of Messenger

After you downloaded Facebook Messenger on your desktop, you’ll have access to different benefits. 

For instance, you can send text messages for free to your contacts. You can enable Default SMS on your desktop. 

Another feature of Facebook Messenger is that you can take pictures and videos with Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is open the conversation you want to add a picture or video. 

After it’s opened, you can click the camera icon and click or hold the shutter button to take a video or picture. 

You can also send files and links in Messenger. So, if you want to send something business-related, you can send it to a contact from work. 

If you want to send something fun and goofy, you also have the option to send GIFs, stickers, and emoticons.  It’s a fun way to communicate with your friends without having to be on Facebook. 

Now you know how to set up Facebook Messenger on your desktop. You also understand the benefits of Facebook Messenger if you want to chat with your friends and send videos, pictures, or links. 

Facebook Messenger on your desktop will open a way of communication you never thought of before. 

Why You Should Know How to Change Facebook Messenger Settings

You should know how to change Facebook Messenger settings because it gives you access to your contacts without actually opening Facebook. You can also make phone calls and send text messages with Facebook Messenger. 

Overall, there are a lot of benefits to having Facebook Messenger on your desktop. It gives you instant access to communicate with your friends. 

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