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7 Ways a Professional Voice Prompt Can Benefit Your Business

Improved communication experience, increased customer satisfaction, and enhancement of the corporate image. These are all benefits of using voice prompts.

A voice prompt is a prerecorded script, recorded in a human voice, that prompts or guides callers to a desired location or transaction. They are how the customer is greeted and what the caller will hear and follow.

IVR systems, such as hold music, unavailable custom prompts, busy, call transfer, try again messages, and more can help business direct their callers clearly and effectively. You can select voice prompts or customize them to reflect your brand.

No matter how you choose to use voice prompts, they can be very beneficial. Here are 7 ways a professional voice prompt can benefit your business:


1. Creates a Professional Impact

Visual branding is not all you should be thinking about when it comes to getting your image out there. Take your branding a step further with audio.

A professional voice recording can have a surprising impact on your callers. The right voice prompts will leave your customers impressed. Creating a professional tone will make your customers have a positive attitude towards your business. 

Voice prompts can allow you to use words, sounds, and tone of voice to create a persona for your brand. Professional voice greetings can complement the visuals you already have established for your brand.

Be sure to write out a script that truly aligns with your company. Important informational messages shouldn’t be forgotten when getting a professional voice prompt. Some of these messages include business hours, locations, and call flow messages such as menu options.

Voice prompts can create a professional impact by using voice to align with the identity of your brand. This will also increase brand recognition for your business.

2. Builds Trust

A professional voice message can show the experience, authority, and authenticity of your business. 

A voice can be a guide to the entire tone of your business. This tone can create a mood that will show your consumers what your business is all about.

Adding a voice prompt can work with the other aspects of your business to create a consistent impact giving your company credibility. The message of a voice prompt says that your business is stable, dependable, reputable, and well established. This is how you can build trust within your business.

3. Increases Hold Time

A voice prompt that includes IVR systems like hold music, can increase on hold caller retention. Callers who have something to listen to while on hold tend to stay on the line for a longer amount of time.

The goal is always to keep your customers on the line especially when they are put on hold. This can lead to more revenue and overall business for your company.

4. Increases Customer Satisfaction

An interactive voice menu can be annoying to users if it isn’t done well. This old technique must be polished and professional sounding so that you can connect with your customers who are looking for and needing information. A voice prompt must be easily usable for customer satisfaction.

When your customers have more of an incentive to stay on the line, they will get the resolutions to their problems that they are seeking answers to. These solutions and addressed customer issues can lead to a rise in customer satisfaction. An increase in customer satisfaction will benefit your brand in all aspects.

5. Creates Marketing Opportunities

You can promote your business by using a voice prompt. On-hold marketing messages should be plugged in and speak on all the services your company has to offer. This will keep customers on the line longer because they have something to listen to and can promote all parts of your business.

Engage your customers with the on-hold period they are sure to reach. Give these messages value by offering services and products your company does, share tips on the uses of your products, and maybe even give discounts as an extra incentive. An on-hold voice over can benefit you in more ways than one.

6. Maximizes Employee Efficiency

An auto attendant recording service can be used to explain all of the important information your consumers need. This can be done instead of having a receptionist answering calls throughout the day.

This can free up work hours for employees making them more efficient because they have time for tasks that require higher productivity. This can also increase job satisfaction keeping your employees within the business for a longer period.

7. Avoiding Legal Issues

Voice prompts that are done in-house can cause problems. Not only do they sound less professional and use low-quality sound equipment, but it can also cause legal issues.

If the employee who made the voice prompt quits or gets fired, it can be tricky to navigate who has the legal rights to the recordings. If there is no concrete contract involved, the old employee could cause legal issues. This will leave a business in a bad place within their employees and customers.

Professional voice prompts are done by an experiences action using the best equipment. These third party recordings can allow you to avoid legal issues altogether because you can claim the recorded content and even the voice as your company’s own.

Step It Up With a Voice Prompt

A professional voice prompt will skyrocket your business in ways you never thought it could. Put into words the message you want your customers to hear. Step up your business with a professional voice prompt today!

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