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How to Create an Awe Inspiring Interactive Presentation

When was the last time you listened to an entire presentation without looking at your phone, daydream about later that day, or stared at the clock waiting for the presentation to be over? Most people are in such a hurry nowadays that the average attention span is about eight seconds long. With such a short attention span this means that you need to have an interactive presentation to keep everyone’s attention next time you are presenting.

Keep reading to learn how to give the best presentation ever where you can even hold a goldfish’s attention.


Break the Ice

Everyone is in a different mood and thinking of different things when they first sit down for your presentation. Having an ice breaker is a perfect way to get everyone on the same page and get them ready for you to present. 

Get creative with your ice-breaker. For example, you can have everyone in the audience stand up and shake their neighbor’s hand. Or they can stand up and do something jumping in place. 

Pick something that is fun and appropriate for your audience. Kicking your presentation off with an ice-breaker will let your audience know that this is going to be an interactive presentation where their participation is required. 

Story Time

Everyone connects with stories. A good presentation will captivate your audience and help them connect to what you are presenting. Automatically your audience will tune in because they want to know what is going to happen next. 

It’s great to incorporate conflict in your story to have your audience waiting for the end to know how the conflict gets resolved.

Videos Videos Videos

If you want to have your audience even more emotionally attached add a short video to what you are presenting. People love videos nowadays and it’s in your best interest to use them as a tool to engage everyone listening to you. 

Search for the perfect video clip that will reinforce the story that you are telling during your presentation. It never hurts to also add a prop that goes with the video clip you choose. Humans are very visual and using a prop at the right time will help engage your audience even more.


Anything animation related will captivate your audience. You can use a graph maker to add engaging and even animated graphs to your presentation slides. You can also animate charts and just about anything that relates to what you are presenting. 

Keep in mind that you want to keep a uniformed look it this is a more professional presentation that you are presenting to a group of executives. 

Have Fun With Your Interactive Presentation

As you can see there are many creative ways that you can have a fun interactive presentation. The more fun you have putting your presentation together, your audience will pick up on that positive energy and are more likely to stay engaged. 

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