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Inbox by Gmail Update Download Available With Notification Improvements


Inbox by Gmail users can now enjoy the newest feature available – the “high-priority” notifications.

 Over the last few days, some users of Inbox by Gmail have started to notice that a new feature has become available. It gives to the ability to make sure that you only receive notifications for emails that your Inbox considers of high importance for you. The feature should be able to spare you from the loads of emails that usually receive, emails that don’t really interest you that much and therefore don’t need to be taken care of right away.

This feature was seen coming for a while now, but it seems that it has finally reached a number of users.

The new feature won’t be a gift from heaven for all users, as some of them prefer to be in their own control over the emails they receive and decide for themselves the importance of each email instead of letting their Inbox do so.

We still don’t know if the feature is live for all users although it seems to be active for enough people that the whole process can be considered a roll out. If you have a version of Inbox where the feature has been switched on, you should be able to see a notification the next time you open the app, showing details and telling you that the feature is live and asking you whether you want to switch it on or not.

You don’t have to wait for the notification, as you can also verify this manually. Open the Inbox app, go to Settings, and check under the Notifications. If the feature has become live, you’ll see another tab that allows you to choose the notification level. It will be between “all” and “high priority”.

You might still not see the feature as available but, in case you have multiple accounts, we advise you to check all of them just to make sure.

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