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iPad Air 2 Devices To Replace The Fourth Generation iPads


According to a recent media report, whoever wants to get a replacement for the fourth generation iPad is now going to receive a more powerful iPad Air 2 instead. This replacement is available at any Apple Store or other authorized service providers throughout the US.

Why Is This Happening?

Apple took the decision to do so because they discovered that there is no stock left for the aging fourth generation iPad, as 9to5 Mac reported last Saturday. Moreover, they also mentioned that this particular device has been discontinued, so their decision makes sense. Regardless of the reason, fans who were in this situation can only be happy about it.

Besides, the tech giant asked their staff to let the customers know about this new replacement, as well as offer them information about the color and capacity of the new device. Not long ago they had introduced a gold color option for the iPad Air 2, plus they offer 32 and 128 GB options. Meanwhile, the 16 and 64 GB versions were discontinued.

Only Good News for the Users

Because of this situation, users who find themselves in these circumstances will enjoy an upgrade regarding storage when they go for a replacement without paying anything extra! Moreover, the new device they will receive has newer components and it’s more powerful than the previous version overall.

A Good Strategy

Though it may seem like a bad idea, since the company may thus lose some money with the upgraded versions, in fact they might even gain some. The logic here is simple: people are going to appreciate this change and they would be more loyal to the company, if they weren’t until now. As such, there are high chances that they might consider buying more new products, if they see how good they are.

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