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Make That App! Here’s How to Choose the Best App Maker for Your Business

Designing an app can increase customer retention and business efficiency. Regardless of your industry, you’ll find having an app an integral business enhancement.

But designing an app sounds expensive. You may think you need to hire a developer and spend months or even years creating your app.

While going the pro route is recommended, you can use an app maker to have a business app quickly. And there are a ton of app makers available.

With so many options, how do you go about choosing an app maker? Here’s how to choose the best one!


Types of Apps

Before we discuss app makers, we should first distinguish the different type of apps. This ensures you get the right app for your business.

Here are the different types of apps you can create.

Web App

Rather than download your app on an app store, web apps are available online. They’re mobile versions of your website built with a specific coding platform such as Java, CSS, or HTML5.

This is the best option if you don’t have a mobile website.

Native App

These are the typical apps you download and use consistently. But there’s a reason why they’re called “native” apps. The app can work for either iOS or Android.

Why is that? They have to be submitted to the publisher and approved before being available to the public.

This also affects the user who’s purchasing the app. For example, you can’t purchase an Android app with an Apple ID.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps differ slightly from native apps. Unlike native apps, they only have one codebase. But like native apps, they can be downloaded through an app store.

These are created using a coding platform such as HTML5 and converted to an app format.

What to Look for In an App

Now that you know the different types of apps, you should get a better feel for the app you want. Are you unsure of how to picture your app? Here are general guidelines your app should have.

Customer Service

Your app should give your customers a way to contact your business. Integrate instant messaging and other communication features into your app.

Privacy and Security

In addition to customer service, privacy and security are the other main components of an app.

You’ll likely use sensitive customer information on the app – especially if they can purchase products through the app. Ensure their data is safe.

Push Notifications

While push notifications are bothersome for certain customers, others may want to be informed of any business news and updates. This is why you should enable push notifications, but make them optional.

What should your push notifications be? Examples include sales, promotions, events, and new products or services.

Loyalty and Rewards Benefits

Does your company offer a customer loyalty program? Integrate the program into your app. Create an app section for your customer loyalty program. Let your customers sign in and view their points and rewards on the app.


Does your business have multiple storefronts? Enable geotargeting. This feature connects the customer to your nearest location. This helps if they’re shopping or ordered a product online and are picking it up in-store.


It’s important to focus on the customer-centered features. But you also want features that benefit you. Analytics is one of those key features.

You can view important customer analytics, such as age and gender. You can also view their habits when they’re on the app.

Easy Admin Controls

When you’re on the backend, you should be able to navigate and edit the app efficiently. Especially since you’re likely not the only one viewing and editing the app. Make sure the app maker you use includes an easy admin control center.

Types of App Makers

You probably realized creating a business app is very complex. This is why there are different types of app makers. Here are the most common ones.

Customer-Facing App Maker

These types of app makers are ideal if your customers will be using your app. Retail stores and restaurants are the best examples of businesses that benefit from these app makers.

Customer-facing app makers are dedicated to bringing customer retention to your app by including customer-centered features and sales UI/UX elements.

Game App Makers

What if you own a game or a gaming center?

A gaming app can enhance the gaming experience for your devoted gamers. These app makers have a specific development designed to keep the gamer engaged. This may seem complex, but they’re easy and quick to design.

Employee-Facing App Makers

What if you’re not designing an app for your customers but for your employees? A business app can improve communication and productivity for your employees.

Since these apps require specific traits of different businesses, they tend to be more expensive.

What About Maintenance?

Chances are, you’re not a professional app developer and no one else on your team is. If something goes wrong, how do you achieve app maintenance without an on-call app developer?

Depending on the app maker you choose, many include maintenance in their service. App maker services are transparent and can help you maintain or service any aspect of your app.

What if you’re looking at an app maker and they don’t include a maintenance service?

Don’t worry – app platforms are constantly under innovation and are improving. This means your app will likely be fine or the app maker will constantly update your app.

Plenty of app makers also train you and your staff to update and spot issues.

Start Choosing an App Maker Today

Apps are taking over the world. If your company hasn’t created an app yet, you should hop on that bandwagon. But choosing an app maker can be difficult. Know what you want and always keep maintenance in mind.

Use this guide and know what to look for in an app maker!

Does your business need more tech advice? Continue reading our tech blog.

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