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Marketing Business Cards: Why You Should Still Give out Your Business Cards in 2020

Are you thinking about getting business cards? Wondering what is the importance of business cards? Consider this, 72 percent of people and businesses will judge you based on your business card.

Keep reading this article to find out why marketing business cards are not too old-fashioned, and why you should print some to promote your business.


More Personal

Clients get more than contact details from your business cards. You spend time greeting and speaking to the other person. It allows you to connect and build relationships.

The goal of networking is to make connections. When you send out contact information digitally, either via email or text, it is more impersonal. When you hand out a business card, you can make eye contact and strike up a conversation, which can lead to relationships.

Create the First Impression

First impressions are vital in business, and people can be easily distracted. Having the right business card design can tell someone a lot about your business and create a lasting impression.

You also want to create the right first impression, so be sure to think about the design and quality of your product. Look for high-quality printing services like New Era Print Solutions.

Easy to Find Contact Information

What is a business card, really? Business cards are still around because your contact information is vital to clients. Your clients have everything they need on your business marketing cards such as your email address, phone number, and your name if you just met.

These cards are easy to store and help serve as a reminder for a client to contact you. Some digital devices can send information to other devices but only if the other device is compatible.

Always Accessible

Business cards are simple. You don’t need to pull out a phone to get the information. You can use business cards anywhere—even when there is no internet!

Keep a few in your wallet and purse, and you will always have them when you need them. You never know when the next big opportunity will come along.


Exchanging business cards is vital in business relationships in several countries. If you don’t have a business card to return, you may have offended other businesses in some cultures.

For example, Japan holds the business card in high regard. You should never downplay receiving a card as it can be a sign of disrespect.

Legitimize Your Company

People don’t want to do business with companies they don’t trust.

The first impression you created with that business card shows people that you are running a company they can trust.

Be Prepared

Have you ever been at a gathering and wanted to give someone your contact information, either personally or professionally? Having a business card shows you are prepared.

You will not have to scramble for a piece of paper if someone’s phone is dead—showing you are a professional that is ready.

Get Your Marketing Business Cards Today

We have shown you why marketing business cards are still as important today as ever. These cards show potential clients that you are prepared. They also can create lasting impressions and help you make personal contact with potential customers.

Looking for more business advice? Keep checking out our site for more insightful articles to help your business.

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