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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Hybrid – What We Know So Far?


Rumors say that the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to be launched in October, sometime near Windows 10 Creators Update.

The previous reports claiming that Microsoft’s 2-in-1 gadget would have been released last October were obviously proven to be false; so were the newer speculations saying that the Surface Pro 5 is going to be unveiled this month. This is also not going to happen.

As the rumors and speculations on the subject don’t seem to know an ending, the latest theory suggests that the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update is going to affect the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Newest reports coming from Learn bonds anticipate that the two of them are going to make their much awaited debut later this year, sometime in October.

Specialists think that the assumption saying the hybrid will come out in October might prove to be accurate this time, due to the fact that the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update would have been released then.

Learn bonds also presents a report claiming that the device was scheduled for release this March so…well, it didn’t happen obviously, but this time, we really have reasons to believe that it will arrive later this year, and the main reason is the Windows 10 Creators Update. Why? Because the Windows event seems to be happening in October and this would be the perfect timing to unveil some new gadgets that can use Microsoft’s newest software update.

PC Advisor reports that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will boast 16 GB RAM and a storage capacity of 512 GB RAM. It will also come with a rechargeable Surface Pen, a USB Type-C support, and a great battery.

Other speculations indicate the fact that Microsoft’s hybrid will be released in 2 variants: one that will run with Intel’s Kaby Lake chip, and the other with the latest AMD Ryzen chip.

Microsoft is still silent about all these, and we can only wait and hope that the eagerly anticipated tablet will make it out by the end of this year.

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