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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date Delayed Again


Unfortunately for Surface Pro enthusiasts, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will no longer launch this April, as initially announced. Microsoft’s hybrid tablet, branded as “the iPad killer”, changed the face of the tech world almost a year now. While the current generation, namely Surface Pro 4 is still a very impressive device, the Surface Pro 5’s launch is the most expected tech event of the year.

Intel Kaby Lake Chipsets, Crucial for Tablet Launch

One very important reason for which that hybrid tablet’s launch has been delayed is the fact that Intel’s Kaby Lake chipsets were not available yet. However, the parts are reportedly already in transit by now. However, with the chipsets being almost ready, what reason could there still be for the delay?

Windows 10 Creators Update

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be running on the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is set to launch next month. Thus, the tablet should also launch next month. However, as per new reports, there will supposedly be a delay regarding the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update. The operating system is set to release this April, but users will reportedly have to wait around for a few months before being able to download it.

This new update release seems to play out in the same way that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update did a year ago. Although the update rolled out just around the announced date, it took almost eight months until more than 90 percent of users had managed to download it. If this will also be the case with the Creators Update April release, then the hybrid tablet launch will most likely be pushed back to a date when most users will be able to download the operating system required for its running.

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