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People are losing interest on WhatsApp for Samsung Phones

WhatsApp for Samsung is no popular


As technology was introduced, people are searching for an ever better technology, which would make their lives better. That is what you call innovation and it is not a bad thing. More than ever, people are getting advance because inventors are making gadgets to make our lives easier.

In time went by, we were introduce to mobile phones, which makes talking even a lot easier and enjoyable. Some people know that this would be common and they have created mobile phones. As time went by, they manage to build their own company and these are the companies that are pioneers of the mobile phone industries.


The App

One of them is Samsung and has been one of the most popular choices among people from almost all parts of the world. WhatsApp is an Android app, which is free to download. With the help of the App, business are able to communicate with their clients. It secures the messages you shared with the other guy on the phone so that you would be safe from whomever want to do you harm on your phone.

Popularity Going Down

Recently, the popularity of WhatsApp for Samsung has gone down based on Google Trends. It might not be dropping very fast, but nevertheless, this shows that the popularity of Samsung has gone down significantly. This proves that nothing is forever popular in the mobile industry.  However, it seems that these users came from owners of older Samsun devices in which, Android aren’t supported. Another possibility is that these users are on Tizen.

Why is this happening

Samsung has been popular for some decades as it is among the first in the industry of mobile phones. However, as time passes by, more and more company like Nokia, Verison Wireless, and many more want to cash in the craze. These companies want to make more money, which means that they would need to have something that the other companies can’t offer on their mobile devices.  This has been the trend as time passes by and those that can’t compete will be left out in the dark. Sadly Samsung is one of the many casualties in the phones’ war.




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