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Simple Steps on How to Trademark a Name and Get Down to Business

2020 has hit us with many things, more losses than wins. But one thing it surely has spurred is the increase of people branching out to become entrepreneurs through online accesses

If you are one of those people, congratulations! But you need to understand the importance of business security, especially when it comes to your name. In business, your brand name is (almost) everything, and anyone can try and steal it if not properly secured.

If you haven’t already, you should trademark a name. Here are the steps you should take to make that happen.


1) Decide on a Name

This is the logical first step for many but creating a name is not as simple as you might think. When going through this process, you want to make sure it is not too vague and general or too descriptive.

Names like “The Shoe Store” or “The Sandwich Parlor” will have difficulty earning the trademark. Seeking trademark legal counsel can help to mitigate this issue. 

2) Do Your Research

Researching includes a wide range of aspects, and it is important to go through it thoroughly at every step. Here are some things you have to consider:

Trademark vs LLC

It is important to understand the difference between obtaining an LLC, or limited liability company, or a trademark and which one you need

For one, the trademarking process is longer than that of the LLC. Secondly, a trademark is for the federal level, which means your name or phrase is protected by federal laws, whereas an LLC is for more local, state established businesses who will predominantly operate in that area.

Weigh your options and make the decision on which one is best for your operations.

Check the Databases

With your company name in mind, you need to confirm that it is original and not too similar to other already trademarked names. You can do this by searching on the U.S. official website for patents and trademarks, or go through other entities like Nuans

If you find something too similar, chances are it will be difficult to receive the patent.

3) File an Application

Now that you have done the necessary groundwork, its time to put in an application. The application for trademarks usually cover ten points:

  • Your name and address
  • Your citizenship 
  • A name and address for future correspondence 
  • A drawing of the desired mark 
  • A description of the mark
  • A list of goods and services covered by the trademark application
  • The class of goods and services
  • An example of the mark in use and the date it was first in use
  • A signature from you, and
  • The appropriate fees that are included for the type classes in the application

When this is completed, you should receive a response within six months.

Trademark a Name

Getting a trademark may seem like a tedious process, but to trademark a name is worthwhile for your business. Don’t leave your business unsecured. Make your business legitimate.

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