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Social Distancing During the Corona Crisis: Staying Sane at Home

Covid-19 is much deadlier than the seasonal flu. For one thing, it can lead to life-threatening complications such as acute respiratory failure.

That’s why social distancing is so important—it’s the only way to slow down the spread of the virus. It’s also the reason why so many people are working from home.

Are you working from a home office? Need some tips on how to remain productive? If so, you’re on the right page. We’ll be going all that you need to know below.

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What is Social Distancing? 

Social distancing, aka physical distancing, is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak. It involves making lifestyle changes to minimize close contact with others.

As a general rule, you want to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people. Crowded places should also be avoided. If possible, stay at home as much as possible.

4 Ways to Stay Productive While Working at Home 

Having difficulty staying productive at home? Here are some tips that might help motivate remote workers

1. Stick with the Same Routine 

Just because you’re not going into the office doesn’t mean that you should skip your usual routine. In other words, wake up at the time you usually do, shower, and get dressed—it’ll set you up for the workday ahead.

If possible, keep a set schedule. For example, if you usually work 8-4, do the same at home, otherwise, it’s easy to lose track of time.

2. Get Some Fresh Air 

While it’s true that you want to limit contact with other people, it does help to get fresh air every once in a while. For example, you can go for a short walk during your break—just make sure to distance yourself from others and wash your hands once you get home.

Alternatively, you can open the windows so that some of the fresh air will come into the room.

3. Create a Work Space 

Avoid the urge to work from your bed. It might be comfortable but it’s definitely going to affect your productivity.

Ideally, you want to work from a desk—just like what you’d do at the office. Keep distractions such as game consoles and television away so that you’ll be able to get more done.

4. Prepare for Disruptions 

Have children at home? It might be difficult to get things done but it is possible. You just have to plan ahead.

For example, you can put on a special movie for them in another room—one that they can only watch while you’re working. That way, they’ll be less likely to interrupt you.

Working From Home Effectively

And there we have it—four tips for those who’re social distancing by working from home. As you can see, there are a number of things that you can do to boost your productivity!

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