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Taking A Look At The Top Document Management Software Available Today

Around 77% of business owners want to access files remotely so it makes sense to wave goodbye to paper documents.

Using document management software streamlines the process so business owners and employees can access important information with a click of a button.

But how do you find the right document management software for your business? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite ones.


What Is Document Management Software?

An online document management software offers an array of features and functionalities that makes running a business smoother. And because companies generate a sizeable amount of paper, it’s important to find document management services that are reliable and scalable. 

What to Look Out For 

When considering a document processing software, it’s important to look out for key features. Including:


One of the most important documents management tips is to find software that securely stores information.

Many industries and government businesses have sensitive data so choose a document management software that lets you encrypt files so only those with access can see the information. 


The price for document management software depends on the storage limits and users. The higher the price tier, there more features and benefits you can enjoy.

Storage and Collaboration

The most basic document management software must be able to store documents in a variety of file types. There should also be tools to help you organize files and offer a “smart search” feature so you can access files whenever.

Sharing, Approval, and Signatures

Business share files to have them approved or signed, so make sure the document management software has the tools to handle this.


It’s important to find a document management software that works with the platforms your business already uses. Find one that uses the same CRM or document editing software. If not, many platforms have a wide range of integrations so there are more options for your business.

Our Document Management Software Picks

Now we’ve covered things to know about finding the dream software, it’s time to dive into the best on the market. Including:

1. M-Files

M-files improves your company’s workflow and ensures all information is secure. With M-files, you can access files by entering the client, project, date, and status. 

This document management software also prevents files duplicating otherwise you’re bombarded with too many documents.

If interested, you can try a free trial by getting in touch with the company. 

2. eFileCabinet 

Another document management software to consider is eFileCabinet. 

Established in 2001, eFileCabinet has supported individuals and small business owners by organizing data and files online.

It’s easy to locate files and the software keeps a portfolio of your favorite documents so you can easily access them. All you need is a browser or mobile app so you can sign contracts on the road.

3. Templafy

Templafy currently has one million users and is the best option for larger businesses.

You can create and edit documents within the system and thanks to the cloud storage software, your team can access documents from anywhere.

It’s possible to integrate the document management software with popular platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and CRM solutions like Salesforce.

4. Hightail

If sharing and collaboration is your top priority, consider Hightail as your document management software.

Upload a file (the maximum size is 500GB) from your device or cloud storage solution into your Hightail account. Then add in the contacts you want to share these files with, and shoot it off.

It’s possible to track the delivery and download of content so you know who opened it and when.

5. Fuix

This document management software has strong cloud storage integration features, perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Fuix also improves productivity and communication between employees. 

6. MasterControl 

MasterControl automates document delivery and creates a secure archive where you can store important business files.

This is a useful document management software if you have loads of files as it ensures files are compliant with company guidelines. 

7. Dokmee

This document management software organizes, manages, and ensures all files are secure. Dokmee automates indexing and makes it easier to store and archive files on the cloud.

8. Samepage

Samepage focuses on communication, projects, and document sharing tools. Their aim is to use an app to simplify everything as opposed to using multiple types of software to accommodate different tasks. 

9. Docuware

Docuware integrates cloud-based software and document management to create a digital workplace. You can also use Docuware on mobile apps by scanning receipts, approving invoices, and signing forms directly.

10. PaperTracer

Businesses who choose PaperTracer as a document management software can automate contracts and add files into a centralized database. 

PaperTracer is the best solution for companies in the healthcare and legal industry. This is because the software is scalable, secure, and offers electronic signing for employees.

11. Ademero Content Central

This document management software offers a smooth workflow operation, scanning capabilities, and cloud storage integration.

12. Xait

Xait offers cloud-based collaboration so it’s easier to work on documents with your team and share feedback with one another in real-time.  

This document management software is also compatible with popular programs like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Microsoft Office. 

Wrapping Up

There’s a document management software to fit every company’s needs. It’s important to find one that is secure, scalable, and makes it easier to collaborate or share documents with the team. 

To be safe, test out a free trial first to see if they offer the right solution for you.

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