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The 9 Most Reliable Virtual Conference Platforms for Working Remotely

Video conferencing has become very common. At least 58% of businesses use different virtual conference platforms to facilitate their everyday operations. Even though a phone call or email may seem easy and quick, nothing beats the power of having a face to face meeting with people in different locations at the same time.

The market today is flooded with various video conferencing platforms, and picking the best is challenging. The ideal platform for working remotely will depend on your budget, the number of participants, and the special features that you might require.

To help you choose a reliable platform, let’s take a look at some of the best in the market.


1. Zoom 

Zoom is so far the most common virtual conference platform in the world. This online platform is a very reliable software for users who want to connect effectively with their employees, colleagues, learners, or customers. It has Chrome, and Linux OS support, and this increases flexibility.

Zoom also has a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption that guarantees secure communications. With all Zoom plans you will get: 

  • Ability to join a meeting by telephone
  • Screen sharing from desktops, tablets or mobile devices
  • Online support
  • Scheduling with Chrome extensions 
  • Whiteboarding
  • Meeting record option
  • Breakout rooms. That can allow you to have several separate sessions.
  • Unlimited number of meetings per month
  • Instant or scheduled meetings
  • HD video and voice
  • Chat and messaging (private and group)

The platform also has a free version but with limited capabilities and features. With this platform, employees are able to return to work remotely. 

2. Google Hangouts

This is a popular tool that is ideal for smaller meetings. You can hold video and voice conversations either from your phone or computer. With the plans you can:

  • Meet up to 10 people virtually at the same time
  • Sign-up, download, chat and conferencing for free
  • Send messages, texts, hold a group chat or place a video call
  • Integrate it with Gmail and other Google products

Google hangouts are very cost-effective. The software is free, and users only incur internet charges, and you can use it in your browser, or Chrome OS, IOS, and Android apps.

3. GoToMeeting 

This platform remains one of the most polished meeting software that has a lot of features to offer its users. It is very user-friendly and has some features that its competitors don’t have. Some of these features include the raise a hand and polling features.

Its meetings are secured with end to end encryption. Other features include:

  • Messaging
  • HD video
  • Web audio – no phone required
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Security
  • Screen sharing from desktops, tablets or mobile devices
  • Unlimited meetings

The platform offers a 14 day free trial period that will allow you to view the features. The free version can be used with up to three participants. 

4. ezTalks Meetings

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is its continuous advancements in technology and its developers. The app offers: 

  • Private and group chat
  • Instant or scheduled meetings
  • HD video and audio
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Screen sharing with co-annotation
  • Join by telephone call-in
  • Interactive whiteboards

ezTalks Meetings software is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also offers an easy to use interface. The app is ideal for all types of businesses, including learning institutions.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers collaboration and efficiency to its users, and it also integrates with applications like SharePoint, Word, and Skype for Business.

The program was designed to respond to the growing numbers of collaboration tools such as Slack. The platform has plans that include: 

  • Up to 300 users
  • The web version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • File storage and sharing

It also has some added features that allow users to invite guests that are not part of their enterprises. The mobile version of Microsoft Teams supports voicemail on iOS and Android.

6. Skype for Business

The platform is packaged with Microsoft Office 365 and is familiar with several users. Skype easily integrates with Microsoft Office programs like Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. The plans include:

  • Tight security
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Conferencing with up to 250 participants
  • Instant messaging anytime
  • Screen sharing

Meeting leaders using this platform can host up to 250 participants over a secure connection. You can also upgrade to another plan to enjoy more features.

7. Cisco Webex

If you have security concerns for your business, then this is a platform that you can trust because it features secure scheduling options, third-party accreditations, single sign-on, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, and firewall compatibility. 

The plans also include:

  • Cloud recording and storage
  • HD video 
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Phone support 
  • Screen sharing

The free version allows only two participants, while the paid plans allow 50 to 1000 participants.

8. StarLeaf 

The StarLeaf platform has its own API. This makes customizing it possible. The app offers a wide range of upgrades and also integrates with apps like Skype for Business and Slack. It also comes with a complimentary app for Windows, Android, and iOS users. 

All plans on this platform include:

  • Unlimited guest invitations
  • Global audio dial-in telephone numbers
  • Calendar integrations with Outlook and Google
  • Full interoperability with Skype for Business

The unique architecture of this platform will allow you to have a smooth flowing meeting without experiencing the challenges associated with a virtual meeting room.

9. Slack 

Slack starts off as a messaging platform, and from there, users can create video conferencing and still use it as the main form of communication. It has additional video and audio features that you can use to conduct calls and hold meetings.

Some of the top features include:

  • One-on-one or group calls 
  • Up to 10K messages storage
  • Mobile app to check messages and make calls
  • Integrations
  • Gifs and emoticons

This platform is best for people who work in teams because they are able to have an organized conversation within the team, exchange files, and share work easily.

Get a Virtual Conference Platform That Suits Your Business

Working remotely is the latest trend, and the right virtual conference platform should be able to accommodate the needs of your business and your budget. Choose a platform that can suit the number of participants you have and has all the features that you need for a successful meeting.

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