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The Best Programs to Manage Duplicate Files

There it is — the dreaded “Not Enough Storage” notification.

Do you spend hours sorting through your documents? Or buy an expensive external hard drive?

What if we told you there were programs that quickly and affordably remove duplicate files? Keep reading to learn more about our top picks for both Windows and Mac duplicate file removers.


Duplicate Files Fixer

The first duplicate file remover program on our list is the Duplicate Files Fixer. With a free trial available and a price of $39.95, it is a much better deal than a $100+ hard drive.

This program works to eliminate duplicate photos, videos, music, docs, and other multimedia files with the click of a button. Additionally, this program offers advanced settings like including/excluding folders and scanning duplicates based on date, size, and hidden files.

This program does not consume much storage space or CPU usage, so it is a great pick for someone looking to free up more storage.

Easy Duplicate File Finder

The next Windows and Mac compatible option is the Easy Duplicate File Finder. Similar to our first pick, this program offers a free trial and a cost of $39.95.

A notable feature of this program is its ability to find duplicates in your cloud programs, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Additionally, this program comes with an “undo” button for emergency recovery, which can save you from a lot of headaches.

Gemini 2 (Mac Compatible)

Our top pick for a Mac-compatible duplicate file finder is Gemini 2, the duplicate finder. Compared to the options above, the cost of this product can be much more flexible, as it offers one-year subscriptions. For a one-mac, one-year subscription, you’re only paying $19.95.

Additionally, Gemini 2 offers a competitor switch deal: if you are currently using another Mac cleaner or antivirus, you can get this for 40% off!

With this level of ease and affordability, the Gemini 2 program is a top pick for the best duplicate file finder software.


Our final pick for duplicate file finder software is the dupeGuru program. This program works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This duplicate file finder differs from the rest, in that it is completely free! This is a great option for those who want to try out a duplicate file finder software before making the paid jump.

This can come with some performance issues, though. While this program can technically find all kinds of duplicates, it works best on audio files and photos.

If you want to try out a duplicate file cleaner before paying for the extras, dupeGuru is a great choice!

Clear Space For New Ideas

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Clearing your computer of duplicate files creates more space for work, life, and creativity. With programs like the ones listed above, it is guaranteed to be much easier than cleaning your whole home.

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