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The Importance of Deep Cleaning and Disinfection to Prevent Coronavirus

COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has taken a toll on our communities and our world.

It seems to still be the beginning, too, with cases climbing and deaths by the thousands each day. The federal and local governments are taking actions to stay safe by ordering stay-at-home protocols and limiting nonessential workers.

In addition to maintaining social distancing, an important part of limiting the spread of the virus is for everyone to do continuous and thorough house cleaning. Keep reading to find out the importance of deep cleaning and disinfection to prevent spreading COVID-19.


How Does COVID-19 Spread?

COVID-19 is just one of many coronaviruses and is in the same family as MERS and SARS.

It spreads from person to person through tiny droplets expelled from breath and coughs. It can happen within 6 feet, through the air, and by touching infected surfaces and then touching your face.

At first, it seemed that only the “at-risk” populations are those who are above 65 years of age and those with underlying medical conditions. This isn’t to say that these are the only people who can become fatally infected. Rather, it implies that the likelihood of fatalities is higher in these populations.

However, there have been countless cases since then where people in perfect health of varying ages become fatally sick. This shows that it’s a virus that can affect anybody and everybody — not just the elderly or those with health problems.

Why Is Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Important?

Considering the virus can spread easily through tiny droplets, it’s easy to contract and spread it. These droplets can live on surfaces for hours and potentially even days.

As a result, cases in the U.S. went from 0 to over 180,000 in less than a month. Each day, cases increase by the thousands. It’s a rapidly spreading pandemic that has caused over 4,000 deaths in the U.S. thus far.

So, it’s important and essential to clean and disinfect everything you touch on a day to day basis. Killing the virus before it enters your body can reduce the risk of getting sick for you, your family, and your community.

Hot Spots to Clean In Your Home

It’s not a bad idea to hire a professional cleaning service, so long as they take extreme precautions and use EPA-approved disinfectants. You can find professional cleaners in your locality, such as Pristine Cleaning Services Of Georgia LLC, to give you a clean slate.

From there, you’ll need to clean and disinfect your home daily as well as every time you leave and come back. Cleaning refers to removing germs and impurities while disinfecting refers to actually killing germs.

Use soap and disinfectants to clean “hot spots” throughout your home. This includes:

  • All commonly touched surfaces (i.e. counters, door frames, and tables)
  • Bathrooms
  • Doorknobs
  • Desks
  • Electronics
  • Faucets
  • Handles
  • Keys
  • Light switches
  • Sinks
  • Tables and chairs
  • Toilets

In addition to these things, you should disinfect everything that you bring into your home. This includes packages, mail, and groceries.

Wear gloves while cleaning and be sure to check the list of EPA-approved disinfectants. If you’re in a pinch, you can make your own cleaners using bleach or alcohol by following instructions online.

Aside from deep cleaning and disinfecting, it’s crucial to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. When you’re in public, wear a mask (even if it’s a non-medical mask) and gloves (even if they’re gardening gloves) to keep yourself from touching your face.

Wash your hands and throw your clothing into the washing machine as soon as you come home.

Although these precautions may seem extreme, they are what can slow down and halt the spread of the virus. These tips also apply to if you’re running a business that is still in operation.

Stay Safe and Positive

If you’re doing all that you can by deep cleaning, social distancing, and washing your hands often, you’re doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Throughout these difficult times, try to do something every day to take care of yourself. Reach out to loved ones and lean on the ability to have a community online.

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