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The Top 5 Android Games You Need to Play Now

On average, Americans check their phones about 52 times throughout the day.

Phone calls, emails, texts, and more, your phone is a lifeline to the outside world. However, if you’re only using your phone to stay in touch, you’re missing out.

Android phone users have access to all sorts of fun android games, and a lot of them are free to play! From first-person shooters to deck building strategy games, there are so many ways to have fun on your phone. To help you narrow down your selection, this article will give you a sneak peek into some of the best game apps for android.

Read on to learn about 5 awesome games for androids.


1. Clash of Clans

First, on our list of android games, we have Clash of Clans! Clash of Clans is a freemium game, so you don’t have to pay anything to start playing. After downloading the app, you’ll instantly be able to join countless players worldwide as you begin creating your very own clan.

In addition to raising your clan, you’ll also be building your own village and competing in exciting clan wars. If you wind up liking Clash of Clans, you should check out a similar game called The War of Ages on Gamemine.

2. Call of Duty

Moving on, Call of Duty Mobile, or COD mobile, was specifically designed for smartphone users. You’ll be able to use iconic multiplayer maps and modes, to get the true COD experience. For instance, Battle Royale battleground, and fast 5v5 team deathmatch, are 2 of the modes you can enjoy playing.

3. Legends of Runeterra

Next on our list of android apps, we have Legends of Runeterra. The free to play app is a digital deck-building game. The game takes place in the League of Legends world, where you’ll embark on expeditions as you draft your deck.

4. Alto’s Odyssey

In Alto’s Odyssey, you’ll get to travel on a sandboarding excursion across a mystical desert. You’ll have fun exploring exciting canyons, ancient hidden temples, and so much more. However, as you uncover the mysteries of the desert, watchout! There are troublesome lemurs lurking about. 

5. Genshin Impact

Last but not least, Genshin Impact is the perfect game if you’re looking for both action and role-playing. The game takes place in a world called Teyvat, where elemental energy flows freely. During the game, you’ll travel across the land as you seek out the gods of each element, who are called The Seven. 

Have a Blast Playing Android Games

Which one of the 5 android games in this article are you going to try first? Are you going to try your hand at Clash of Clans? Or are you looking for an explorative journey like Alto’s Odyssey? 

Don’t wait another day to enjoy some of the best game apps for android. Go ahead and download a new game today, and give it a try!

Are you ready to learn more ways to have fun? Then read another one of our articles.

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