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Time to Get to Work: 5 Tips on Making Your Business More Efficient

As the old saying goes, time is money. Cliche as it sounds, it’s something that business owners must constantly consider as they look to grow, scale, or fix their operation. How are you spending your time, and is it being well spent?

Because time is your most valuable asset as a business owner, it benefits you to do things more efficiently. When you increase efficiency in your company, you get more done at the same standard as before. Both long and short-term, this can lead to the growth of your company.

There’s plenty of jargon out there about systems for optimizing business efficiency. Let’s look at five tried-but-true tips for increasing work efficiency.


1. Automate Whatever You Can

Yes, we all know and talk about automation these days. With technology offering a solution that’s faster than most humans, we’re able to automate pretty much anything within our business if we try hard enough.

Automation is the process of putting a system on autopilot. It might seem like it’s in the future, but that time is now. This way, you’re not giving away time, attention and money to something that a robot or SaaS can complete.

Once a year, conduct an audit of your business’s systems. Find where you can add automation.

2. Work In A Management System

There are plenty of awesome options out there these days for content management systems. You’re able to work, submit, transfer, and even chat within one portal so that everyone’s work stays together and everyone is on the same page.

If you are using a smorgasbord of Google docs or other software, consider a company that provides system management options like eCIFM.

3. Limit Transitions

Brendon Burchard talks about limiting transitions in his book, High Performance Habits. He unveils the insane statistics behind how much time you cost yourself by starting and stopping throughout the day, by checking your phone, and by other distractions.

Wherever possible, limit the number of times you must transition from one activity to the next. Streamline and chunk your work together so that you’re not wasting precious time.

4. Outsource

Out of sight, out of hand. If you can outsource some non-core activities of your business, you can improve efficiency simply by getting the task out of your hair.

The truth is that there are plenty of things you or your employees are doing that can be outsourced. Factor that into your yearly audit, too.

5. Use Social Media More For Customer Service

This one might seem “unprofessional”, but this is antiquated thinking in today’s world. Instead of hiring people to deal with customer service, build that into your social media role. People are fine with being honest and reaching out via social media, so you can kill two birds with one stone and save your company time and money.

Increase Efficiency Of Your Business—Wrapping Up

When you increase efficiency for your business, you give yourself a better chance of making more money. Whether it’s outsourcing work that isn’t required or automating systems, there are always bits of fat you can trim to make your machine run better.

Check out what’s trending about tech so you can continue to fine tune your business.

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