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Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends to Look out for in 2020

The total number of mobile apps globally currently totals 8.9 million. This growth in mobile app development exemplifies the sector’s projected growth to a whopping $120 billion by the end of this year. There’s an expectation that these figures will continue to grow.

Are you a mobile app enthusiast? Well, you better buckle up. This year will experience some of the most amazing innovations in the sector.

As the mobile tech sector undergoes a season of refinement, you must keep abreast of the mobile app development trends. Are you wondering which trends to look out for in the mobile app business this year? Check out these 7 top trends that will shape the sector going forward.


1. More Powerful Mobile Applications With 5G

You might wonder what the craze is all about around 5G. Well, 5G is a massive leap in internet connectivity characterized by high speeds. Imagine an internet connection speed that is 20 times the speed of 4G LTE.

That’s how fast the 5G network functions. These speeds are bound to change the mobile app business this year, considering the over 1GB peak time experience 5G offers. With such rates, it means that there will be better connectivity between devices.

Further, it is observable that the 5G network will be more secure, an aspect that will likely promote mobile apps development.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence market is projected to hit $47 billion this year. These figures may sound mind boggling, but they are a confirmation of the changing landscape in the application of AI. Going forward, more app developers will be keen on combining AI into their mobile application research and design process.

The sector will witness new developments in AI-enabled face unlock systems. This year will also experience higher degrees of predictive user behaviors through AI.

Such capacities to enhance predictive user behavior will make it easy to develop mobile apps in line with market demand. Smart cameras will be among the observable trends in the mobile app sector this year.

3. Application of the Internet of Things

Mobile applications have changed the approach to the connection between multiple devices. Mobile app developments will be keen on developing mobile apps that promote smart cities, connected cars, and toys.

Mobile app designers will also have the option to utilize IoT in sectors such as health care. The integration of IoT into some of the essential industries, will have a lasting impact on delivery.

Mobile app development will also change in line with the evolving application of the Internet of Things in the design of self-driving cars. The future of smart automobiles will depend on the evolution of mobile apps.

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4. Wearables Devices

Wearable devices will also form part of the changing trends in mobile apps. Most app developers will pay keen attention to the wearables sector and the various trends in the development of wearable devices.

You can expect to see significant changes in the way human beings interact with smart devices.

The wearable devices sector witnessed a 35% increase in the markets’ total value hitting a staggering $33 billion in the year 2019. Mobile app designers will be keen on tapping into a wide range of wearables including smartwatches and fitness bands.

The emergence of wearables as a top trend this year underscores the need by app developers to integrate Android and IOS mobile applications with wearable devices. This integration will improve user experience and lead to higher levels of personalization. Paring mobile apps with wearable mobile devices will be a critical future trend.

5. Beacon Technology Will Be Among the Integral Mobile App Development Trends

Beacons are wireless transmitters with the capacity to use Bluetooth technology. Modern technologies allow for the use of these tiny devices to deliver notifications on marketing campaigns to the end-user. These notifications get to the end-users as long as they are within the beaconed areas.

Mobile apps will capitalize on the use of beacons to offer real-time notifications on smartphones making interactions more straightforward. The beacons are then connected to smart devices that provide location-specific information. You can then assign campaigns to such beacons using various platforms.

6. Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management

The business sector has made critical strides towards technological integration.

Mobile apps will take advantage of enterprise mobile management applications in the course of performance management. More businesses are trying hard to enhance app security and better security system’s maintenance.

The rise in the cases of cyber insecurity at the corporate level is responsible for the massive claims of financial losses. As such, more businesses will be keen to devise more secure avenues of enterprise management.

Mobile app developers will be eager to integrate the EMM and APM systems as they offer modern solutions to cyber-security in the management of corporate affairs.

7. Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are among the mobile app development trends that will shake the world this year.  E-commerce and online banking continue to transform the general approach to cashless payments among Americans.

Globally, more transactions are occurring online with a broad range of payment options available to users. Mobile apps will also transform how various companies handle the idea of cashless transactions.

With the emergence of mobile wallets, the future of mobile apps will lean more towards m-banking.

Leading entities in the online payment systems have been keen on introducing mobile wallets into their operations.

This trend affirms the observable future shift towards mobile wallets. The changes are observable even as users focus on convenience through smartphones.

Apps Will Continue to Create a Full Mobile Experience for Customers

Technology and innovations have been the hallmark of the last decade. The world today experiences greater convenience. Such efficiency is achievable through optimization as various applications emerge with solutions to almost anything.

Mobile apps will continue to improve human life as we know it. Are you a keen observer of modern patterns in technology? The seven patterns discussed in this article will be critical towards shaping the mobile app development trends this year.

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