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Types of Business Management Software You Can’t Survive Without

Whether you run a small business or a large-scale business enterprise, understand that business management software is your key to better efficiency. According to CRM software company SalesForce, 79% of new marketing leads will never convert without CRM software.

Business management software can help your employees avoid getting bogged down by mundane tasks. Not to mention constant information searches that return no results.

From CRM to bookkeeping, there is a piece of business software that will help your business. With the right amount of research, you can help guide your team to a software solution that works.
Here is more information on the best business software available to guide you in your search.


The Business Management Software You Need

We understand that most small business owners are managing many moving parts at once. There is more than likely one part of your business that you know frustrates you. There are several ways to help manage this frustration. You can hire another employee, outsource to a contractor, or find the right business management software. We opt for the latter, and we think you will, too.

Marketing Automation Software

This software will help your business organize the functional parts of a good marketing campaign. It will help you with email marketing to your existing clients. It will also help you create new content marketing ideas to reach new customers. Not to mention keeping track of new and current customer data through CRM software.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software provides you with the tools to run successful email marketing campaigns. They will give you templates to create engaging emails with clickable links to relevant products and services. They help you to track click-through rates for your email marketing efforts.


MailChimp helps you create an email marketing campaign with automation in mind. It is designed especially for integration with eCommerce web stores like Shopify.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact integrates a visual, drag-and-drop template builder for further email customization. It also includes automation and real-time reporting. Constant Contact is a great choice for managing any email marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Software

Social media marketing software will assist you in organizing regular social media posts. It will help through other options to automate your posts for regular publishing.


TweetDeck is the perfect companion for staying on top of your Twitter business account. Easily create searches and hashtags and receive alerts when new content is created.


Hootsuite is designed as an all-in-one social media marketing tool. It helps you track what is trending and what is not on social media. Hootsuite will help you create and schedule your content for posting to all of your social media sites. You can even track and measure statistics in real-time.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Some of the most integral software for managing large volume data sets for your sales, marketing, and customer service is CRM software. Most businesses would collapse without a good piece of customer relationship management software.


This customer relationship management software is in a class by itself. SalesForce provides functionality for the small business owner and the large enterprise alike. There is no shortage of what SalesForce CRM can accomplish for helping your business organization.

Improve Your Organization With Business Software

With the information you’ve accessed through our article, we are hopeful that you are on track to finding your next piece of business management software.

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