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Viber App Download For iOS And Android Devices


Viber is a voice-over-Internet-protocol or VoIP tool that you can use to connect with your contacts who are also using the app. This app is among the leading platforms allowing users to enjoy sending text and calling using voice or video without any charge.

You can download Viber and take advantage of the features it can provide to its loyal users. In the latest version of Viber, users are able to enjoy the following:

  • Watch videos in-chat from YouTube,
  • You can also play streaming content in your chats or minimized view, while you were doing other things from your mobile phone,
  • You can also determine when your contacts were seen last on Viber via its updated online status option, and
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes have been made on a regular basis to address any possible security concerns.

Download Viber from iOS Devices

Just as you would download other apps, you have to visit the App Store that you can find on your desktop. Simply tap on the icon and you will go right away to the home screen. Simply search the keyword Viber on the search box and you will have a number of app suggestions that you have to choose from. You can download and install the app by tapping on the Download button. A confirmation will be prompt you if you really want to download the app in which you have to tap OK. You will receive a notification after successfully installing the app.

Download Viber from Android Devices

You can also download Viber app on your Android device. Simply tap on the Play Store app from your mobile phone’s home screen or in the list of apps you have on your phone. Then, search for the keyword Viber on the search box, where you can have a number of suggestions upon searching the name of the app. Upon finding the one you are looking for, tap on the app and tap on the Install button. A confirmation might prompt you to download and install the app in which you have to tap OK. A notification will be sent to you once the app has been installed successfully.

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