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What Is Back Office Outsourcing and What Are the Benefits?

It can be difficult to offer help to your back office employees when technological issues arrive without a tech background.

How can you ensure that your back office operations run smoothly when you’re not available to solve problems? Back office outsourcing is becoming a more popular option for businesses. Companies can devote their energy to less technical-related projects and problems.

If you want to cut business costs and build a stronger brand for your business, back office outsourcing might be the solution. But what is back office outsourcing?

Check out our guide below to learn more about back office outsourcing and all of the benefits it provides growing businesses!


What Is Back Office Outsourcing for Businesses?

Outsourcing occurs when a company or business purchases services from a foreign supplier. That can sound a bit obscure and confusing, but it’s not!

Many tech companies outsource branches of their company. Chances are you’ve called your internet provider’s customer service line and been put through to someone in the Philippines or India.

This means your internet provider is outsourcing. Occasionally outsourcing can occur in a company’s home country, but it’s less common.

So, what is back office outsourcing then?

Back office outsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: the outsourcing of back office positions. Back office refers to departments like accounting, human resources, and IT support.

The Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing

Outsourcing back office positions is a wise decision for many businesses to make, small and large companies alike.

Allows Businesses to Build Their Brand

The biggest benefit lies in the fact that outsourcing back office positions allows companies to focus more on developing their brand and improving their services or products.

Cutting the back office from a business allows its employees to devote their talents elsewhere. Businesses can work to improve the quality of service they deliver. They won’t have to devote as much time to back office tasks. This allows them to take on more tasks and collaborations with other businesses.

Invest in Specialized Services

Many back office outsourcing organizations only hire specialists. Sometimes it can be a risk hiring local candidates for back office positions. But when you opt to buy services from a company that specializes solely in back office outsourcing, you can be assured that you’ll have specialists working for you.

Access to More Advanced Technology

Working with a back office outsourcing company gives you access to more advanced technology. You won’t have to worry about your servers being down or not having the most up to date programs or software. Outsourcing companies feature high-quality tech. This helps them provide their clients with the best possible service.

Increased Flexibility

If your company is constantly on the move, back office outsourcing can help you maintain that flexibility.

If your project development team has to travel across the country, you don’t have to worry about leaving your back office employees to fend for themselves in the office. Your outsourcing team will be carrying on their tasks halfway across the world!

This is also helpful if you operate on an unusual schedule. Say you want to run a business that operates from 11:00-9:00. It can be difficult to find good back office employees if your candidates are looking for a standard 9-5 job. With back office outsourcing, your “employees” can work on a designated schedule, but it won’t necessarily have to align with your business hours.

Lower Operating Costs

This is the most drawing reason to invest in back office outsourcing. Outsourcing lowers employment costs drastically. Plus, businesses won’t have to account for physical costs, such as renting out a larger commercial space to accommodate a larger staff.

The funds that businesses save with outsourcing can be invested in other fields. Businesses that outsource can push more money into things like advertising or social media campaigns. The possibilities are endless!

It’s also beneficial for companies who may have busier seasons than others. If your business sees more traction in the summer months, outsourcing allows you to only pay for the services that you need. With back office outsourcing, it’s not necessary to hire a staff member whose services won’t be needed as much when winter rolls around.

The Cloud at Your Fingertips

Many back office outsourcing companies use the cloud, which will give you quick and easy access to any data you may be searching for. It also brings your business up to level with other professional organizations that are using the latest technology.

Allows for Easier Expansion

Sometimes the need for a bigger property can keep companies from expanding their business.

If you are outsourcing your back office positions, you won’t have to worry about relocating employees or a bigger location. You might have to expand your outsourcing team if you expand! That will be less costly than accounting for more physical space wherever you intend to expand though.

Deciding Whether Back Office Outsourcing Is Right For You

Back office outsourcing can be useful for an array of businesses, not just big tech companies. Now that you no longer have to ask “what is back office outsourcing?”, you might be considering outsourcing services for your own company.

We get it. You want to devote more time and financial resources to perfecting your brand and working on projects. Passing more technical tasks like payroll off to back office outsourcing companies can save you time and money!

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