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What Is Google Analytics? 10 Things You Need to Know

If you run a website, it’s essential to track its performance through analytics. Website analytics helps you understand how the website is driving leads, traffic, and sales. One of the most powerful analytic tools is Google analytics.

Most experts recommend that every website owner pay attention to Google analytics. That’s because it provides them with a wide range of data and numerous metric measures offering insights into the site’s performance. Unfortunately, Google analytics reporting capabilities are continuously evolving. 

While this increases your site’s analytics opportunities, it can also make it quite challenging to keep track of all these changes.

Fortunately, there are essential things you should know about Google analytics.


1. You Can Optimize Your Data’s Relevance

The main question on most people’s minds when they hear about Google analytics is “What is Google analytics?”

Google Analytics is an online analytics service that helps marketers devise statistical data to measure the performance of their online marketing activities. You can use Google Analytics to measure your SEO, social media, and digital marketing efforts.

It’s easy to extract the data you need from Google analytics. However, it’s up to you to maximize the relevance of the data you collected. As a marketer, it’s your job to know the best metrics to measure your business’s progress. Collecting more than you need will only lead to more work sorting through the data.

2. Remember to Set Up Your Account Correctly

Did you know that you can have around 100 Google analytics accounts on the same Google account? Additionally, you can have approximately 50 website properties on a single Google Analytics account.

You can also have around 25 views on a single website property. Setting up your account properly is a great way to maximize your Google analytics metrics. However, you will also need a well-designed website for optimal results. Check out this company for the best web design services

3. Remember the Overall Picture of Google Analytics

Check out the advance segment on the Google Analytics dashboard to get the best out of your account. Google Analytics will provide you with extensive details of your customer segments. You can also segment the customers based on unique characteristics.

To find the Advance Segments, check out the top left side of your Google Analytics account. The analytics collects a lot of information on the characteristics of your visitors to your site by default. This information includes details about their screen size, type of browser used, their location, and the types of pages they visited on your site.

4. You Can Set Up Your Analytics Goals

When setting up your Google Analytics account, it’s essential to consider your goals. Different companies have different metric goals. There are four types of interactions you can track on your website. These include:

  • Events
  • Page and visits
  • Duration of stay
  • Destination

Ensure you track every user interaction that’s relevant to your business. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can set up the benchmark based on your business needs.

5. Conversions Are Key

After setting up your Google Analytics account, it will be easier to track the number of conversions you receive on your site. You can go to Goals then Overview on your dashboard to see your goals overview.

You can also check your visitor’s path by going to Goals then Reverse Goal Path. Understanding the path a visitor took to achieve the goal in question will help you know which areas to improve and which pages are working.

6. It’s Easy to Share Your Google Analytics Data

Do you need to share your Google Analytics data? If you do, you will not be required to share your Google account log-in information with the individuals who need access to your business’s analytics data.

To share your data, you can go to the Admin menu and check Account, then Property (Website), and select the User Management menu. This allows you to add an email account of the person you’d like to access your Google Analytics information. Here, you can choose the type of permissions and access you’d like to grant them.

7. You Can Pull Different Kinds of Reports

After logging into your Google Analytics account, you will have access to different report segments. Under the Audience reports sections, you will access Cohort Analysis, Active Users, Interests, and Demographics.

Likewise, you will have AdWords, Traffic, Social, Campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization under the acquisition tab. You will also have access to AdSense, Events, Site Speed, and Site Content under the Behaviour subdivision. Pulling these types of reports will help you collect the relevant metrics to help you grow your business.

8. Google Analytics Is Very Meticulous

Business data provided by Google analytics is very meticulously planned to help you quickly navigate through. Whenever you sign in to your account, Google analytics will provide you with an audience view report. You can use this report to understand more about your consumers.

Understanding consumers, their characteristics are essential for growing your business. That’s because understanding consumer behavior will help you create a marketing strategy to fit your target audience’s purchasing journey.

9. Consider the Tracking Code

Your Google tracking code is essential for tracking your website’s pages. It’s easy to get your tracking code through your Google Analytics account. All you need is to log into your analytics account and click on the button labeled Get Tracking ID.

Your account will generate a Google Tracking ID that you’ll need wherever tracking any pages on your website. You will need to paste the code on each page you’re tracking on your site.

10. You Can Set up Site Search

With Google Analytics, you can easily set up site search. This feature allows you to keep tabs on the types of searches your visitors make on the website. This gives you more information about what most consumers are looking for on your site. This information helps you collect valuable data about your target customers.

Are You Ready to Sign Into Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool for businesses to track their website’s performance. Therefore, you need to create a Google Analytics account as soon as possible. Tracking a site’s performance will help you understand more about the customer’s purchasing journey and their actions on your website.

You can join a Google analytics academy to help you better understand how best to operate your account and get a Google Analytics certification after taking an online exam.

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