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What Is Lead Generation Marketing and How Is It Useful?

Did you know that 53% of marketers report that half or more of their budget is dedicated to lead generation? This means lead generation is important and a huge part of marketing. Do you need help with your lead generation strategy?

Understanding lead generation helps you set up a strategy for business expansion. Find out here what lead marketing is and how it is useful in the article below.


What is Lead Marketing?

In order to understand lead marketing, you need to know what a lead is in business terms. A lead is someone or a business that has expressed interest in your service offerings. Leads are important because they are insights into future sales or customers.

Leads can be from a website form, email, phone call, in-person meetings and more. Lead marketing is capturing those leads and targeting them with your advertising or communications to persuade them to buy a good or service from you.

What Do You Use Lead Generation Marketing For?

When working on lead marketing its important to find the right leads for your products and services. Businesses need lead generation in order to complete new sales and find potential customers to add to the funnel. 

Lead generation makes sales easier. It’s easiest to convert someone who is already interested in your product or services. Lead generation marketing helps take the dreaded cold calling out of the sales equation.

Types of Marketing Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing comes in many forms. Digital lead generation is very important in today’s marketing world. Leads can come from search engines like this search engine marketing company or from email marketing tactics and beyond. 

Capturing leads through website forms is a very simple form of lead generation. Did your company put on a presentation? Consider adding the presentation to your website with a gated form to generate leads.

Social media marketing can also be a fruitful source of lead generation. As people like and interact with your company or organization they can be used as leads. Social media is another easy way to gather leads.

Facebook, in particular, is a popular and powerful lead generation tool. If you implement the Facebook pixel onto your company or organization’s website you’ll gain many insights into who your potential customers are. Twitter’s lead gen cards are also useful in social media lead generation. 

Email marketing is a common form of lead generation for many companies. Consider segmenting your email list in order to target specific groups of people through email marketing. Most email marketing services allow you to see who has opened, clicked, or even unsubscribed from your mailing list. 

Start Lead Generation Marketing

Now that you understand what lead marketing is it is time to get started. There are many ways to successfully incorporate lead generation into your inbound marketing strategy. 

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