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WhatsApp Samsung Easy Installation Guide


Some people might wonder how to download and install WhatsApp on any Samsung tablet or smartphone. Basically, it should be easy to install WhatsApp on any mobile device. However, some Samsung owners might think otherwise, which is particularly true when using an old smartphone.

If you happened to purchase an old smartphone or tablet manufactured by Samsung, it may not have a native Android support for WhatsApp. Good thing is that there is a solution to your problem. WhatsApp might not have created a full working app for all the operating system and smartphone or tablet models because it is too expensive.

The only solution for this dilemma, if you are unable to download the app via the Play Store, is to apply manual installation. Here are some tips that you can do to make it a success.

Using a Samsung Tablet

You might get into a bit of a challenge when installing WhatsApp for tablets. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to make it a successful process.

  • Simply go to Settings > General > Security in which you must check the option beside Unknown Sources.
  • For Samsung tablet users, you need to open the browser you often use and download an APK version of WhatsApp from a reliable site.
  • After downloading the file, you tap it and go on with the installation process. If the installation process wouldn’t work after downloading the file.
  • Then, you can open the file by using the file manager on your tablet. You can move the APK file to the Downloads folder where you can resume the installation process.

This can also be done from your computer in which you can copy the file to the tablet and then continue installing the file just like the procedure explained above.

Using a Samsung Smartphone

WhatsApp is difficult to use when your device only uses Wi-Fi instead of having data enabled device to go along with it. Downloading and installing WhatsApp for Samsung devices is easy to do.

  • Just go to the home screen on your device and tap Apps.
  • Then, tap the Play Store icon from the home screen.
  • After opening the Play Store, search for the keyword WhatsApp, in which an auto popup list would show suggested apps. Just open the appropriate app to be installed.
  • When you have found the app, just tap the Install button to begin installing the app. Just make sure that you have ample space on your device, in which you can delete some apps that might no longer be used. You can also move them to an SD card if you have one.

Well, if you have an older device, you simply have to follow the procedure for downloading and installing apps for Samsung tablets. Always make sure to follow instructions before installing apps that you might want to use on your Android device.

Downloading WhatsApp APK file should be done from a reliable website only to avoid downloading malware along with it. Likewise, don’t forget to uncheck the box beside the Unknown Sources option where you have done in the Settings to avoid installation of unknown apps on your device.

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