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Why Download WhatsApp on your Samsung Mobile Phone


WhatsApp is popular for a number of reasons. Statistics from Lifewire indicate that the Facebook-owned messaging service currently has 500 million and is still growing.

If you haven’t tried the app yet, you might be wondering what makes it so great? Allow me to break down some of the pros for you.


You are your number

WhatsApp saves you the trouble of having a different username or number. It literally uses your existing phone number to identify you. This makes it easy for contacts to find you and start a conversation.


This messaging service remains free from pesky ads that we see so much of on other applications.


WhatsApp features take instant messaging to a whole new level. Users can create group conversations and enjoy free calls to any of their contacts.


If you’re traveling abroad, WhatsApp can save you a lot of text and call charges. The service is available in over 190 countries worldwide. Downloading it before embarking on your European trip will allow you to get easily get in touch with friends and family in the United States, without the expensive costs of calling and sending text messages internationally.

Platform friendly

WhatsApp developers were able to extend its reach to a lot of people by developing an application that would be compatible with the two most popular mobile operating systems today – iOS and Android. That being said, it allows users with devices that run on these to download WhatsApp. With that, allow me to walk you through how to do it on a Samsung phone.

Since a Samsung smartphone runs on Android, it pretty much has the same download method as smartphones from other manufacturers running on the same OS. To download WhatsApp, go to Google Play Store. Use the search bar to find WhatsApp Messenger and click “Install”.

It’s worth noting that the latest version is more compatible with the newer Samsung mobile phones.

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