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Why people are choosing Aptoide over Google Play Store

Aptoide vs Google Play Store


Google Play Store and Aptoide are two of the best platform to get your app. They have some of the best app in them. And because of this, some people have thought of comparing the two for quite some time now. For some reasons, most people would prepare Aptoide over Google Play Store.

It is hard to believe that there are others that would top Google in some way, but that is the truth. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, but it don’t mean that they would be the best in all aspect of the internet. Over the years, they have ventured into different grounds and one of them is selling apps on their Google Play Store.

Sure, it is tempting to see what is in there platform and if you haven’t heard about other app store then you might buy your app over Google Play Store.

Here are some reasons, why most people would choose Aptoide over Google Play Store



It is true that both platform offers a variety of apps, but Google Play Store doesn’t seem to have all the apps that you would want. Aptoide has all of that and most of the apps that you can find over Google Play Store.


Google Play Store has paid and free applications, but Aptoide made sure that they can give all the apps for free, even the ones wherein you need to pay in Google Play Store.

Availability in Countries

Google Play Store has a problem in restrictions since it is not available in countries like China and the likes. Aptoide don’t have any problem like that.



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