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You’re Breaking Up! 9 Tips for How to Boost Cell Signal

Whether you’re on an important call, surfing the internet, or streaming your favorite TV show, there’s nothing worse than dropping your cell phone signal. Your conversation cuts out, you have to wait for several minutes for pages to load, or your show pauses to buffer every 30 seconds. Whatever the case, the situation can be incredibly frustrating.

What if we told you it didn’t always have to be this way? Even if your home has notoriously horrible cell phone service, there are things you can do to boost your cell signal. Interested?

If you’re looking for multiple tips on how to improve your cell signal, we can help. Check out these top nine tips and tricks.


1. Be Aware of Environmental Factors

Have you ever noticed that certain places seem to have the worst cell phone service? Obviously, you’re going to experience compromised service in the mountains, in valleys, and in isolated areas. However, the causes of poor cell phone service aren’t always immediately apparent.

For example, did you know nearby metal objects can interfere with your signal? Additionally, if you’re struggling with your cell signal, it may be because you’re too close to other electronics.

If you’re trying to learn how to boost your cell signal at home, try taking a few steps away from electronic equipment. This includes TV’s, radios, computers, and even hearing aids. Similarly, don’t try to use your cell phone near large metal objects, including while inside metal buildings or buildings with metal roofs.

2. Remove the Cell Phone Cover

Surprisingly, the same device that’s designed to keep your cell phone safe may also be decreasing your signal strength. Your cell phone case, while vital for protecting the fragile glass screen and keeping out excess dirt, can also contribute to poor reception. This problem can be exacerbated if the case is bulky, thick, and designed to be water-tight.

3. Get Outside

While we’d love to say that only a few types of building construction materials work as reception blockers, the truth is that most materials decrease the strength of your signal. Some materials, such as metal are definitely worse than others, but even the fiberglass insulation in your walls dampens your signal.

Other notorious offenders include brick, concrete, tinted and low-emissive glass, plaster, wood, and sheetrock. In other words, nearly every construction material available to human beings at this time.

4. Get a Mobile Repeater

Regardless of where you are or what type of building you reside in, one of the best ways to boost a cell phone signal is by investing in a mobile repeater. Mobile repeaters are relatively simple devices. They are signal boosters that are used to amplify a signal into larger areas.

For example, you can put the mobile repeater in an area of the house where you get the strongest signal. It will take that signal and extend it throughout the immediate area. Some even come with large antennas that you can mount outside, on your roof, etc.

Check out to get a look at some of your options and learn more about what they do.

5. Be Conscious of Your Hand Placement

Another quick way to boost your cell signal is by using a hands-free device, the speaker setting, or by simply changing your hand position. Believe it or not, the human body can work as a relatively effective signal blocker. Our bodies are well-insulated and full of water, of course, they interfere with your signal.

In some cases, simply putting more distance between yourself and your phone can have positive effects on cell phone reception.

6. Try Changing Networks

Each year, cell phone technology becomes more advanced. We now have 4G and 5G cell phone services that provide lightning-quick speeds and unrivaled connectedness. However, your ability to pick up these signals may be limited based on your location.

Whether you’re too far away from the network towers or are in a building that blocks your signal, there are other options. Try switching to a different network.

On most devices, you can change over to older networks, such as 2G and 3G. Additionally, you can connect to any available wi-fi signals and use the good old-fashioned internet to stay connected. This is especially convenient for trying to improve your cell signal at home.

7. Ensure the Integrity of Your SIM Card

Your subscriber identity module card (SIM card) is an important and often overlooked feature of your phone. It’s used to authenticate and individualize each device for tracking and identification purposes. However, these little circuit boards are finicky.

If your SIM card has been damaged, it’s likely affecting your cell phone reception. You may also be able to boost your cell signal by giving it a quick cleaning. Regardless of how fancy your case is, dust will still enter your phone and get onto your SIM card, which could result in poor reception.

8. Keep Your Battery Well-Charged

Have you ever noticed how much faster your cell phone battery drains when you’re in areas of low reception? This issue is indicative of a cyclical occurrence.

Your phone uses more battery when constantly searching for and trying to connect to a signal. In a cruel twist, your phone has a harder time picking up signals when the battery is low. We recommend closing down unused apps and other processes on your phone to save more battery power.

9. Move to Higher Ground

Last, but certainly not least, to boost your cell signal, trying moving to higher ground. Since something as unthreatening as fiberglass insulation and tinted glass can inhibit your reception, think about trees, hills, and surrounding buildings. If you’re having trouble holding onto a signal, try moving up to a higher floor, onto a balcony, or even up to the roof if necessary.

While this tactic may not be practical for day-to-day operations, it could help you find a good place to put a mobile repeater antenna.

Looking for More on How to Boost Your Cell Signal and Other Tech-Savvy Tips?

We know how frustrating it can be to drop a call every five minutes, especially if it’s an important one. However, remember that your shoddy cell signal may not be a necessity. Try using the tips and tricks we suggested in this article to boost your cell signal and decrease your anxiety.

And if you’re looking for more great insight into techy gadgets, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go!

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