House Ethics Committee Still AWOL

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After months of partisan bickering over staffing issues there seems to be some movement within the House Ethics Committee..

In a statement, [Representative Alan] Mollohan [D-WV] said, “I am pleased to report that we reached an agreement in principle that the person ultimately hired as the committee’s chief counsel-staff director would be in charge of the professional staff, and that our own personal designees — the so-called ‘shared staff’ — would have no managerial or supervisory role over that professional, nonpartisan staff.”

“Although we have made significant progress, our agreement is not final, as some issues require further discussion,” Mollohan said. “I look forward to working with the chairman to reach a formal agreement that will allow us to proceed with the committee’s crucially important work.”

Is there any irony to be found in the fact that the “Ethics” committee is mired in political maneuvering and partisanship?

Reuters: House ethics panel nears resolution of impasse

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