The Best of Weblog Empire week ending 24 July

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Donklephant is part of the Weblog Empire network, a growing network of blogs providing quality content across a range of subjects. Some of the best posts this week include:

The Blog Herald: latest blog count hits 70 million blogs, we predict that Blogpulse is poised to become Technorati slayer with new service, Italian Blog network Blogo lands Ducati as a sponsor and report on a new service that promises to transmit blogs into space

The Gadget Blog takes a look at the Gigabyte G-X5 slider and gSmart mobile phones, Windows Vista, and the Panasonic Viera TH-42PV500A Plasma TV

PVRSpot gives Media Portal 0.1.3 the thumbs up and warns that Pop-up ads are coming to TiVo

The Search Engine Herald reports on Google’s announcement that it is going to Open Research and Development Center in China, Google’s record search numbers and Yahoo’s loss of staff.

And last but not least, the best from Donklephant: Montag asks when did Marijuana labs become political in What Does “Liberal� Mean in this Context?, Justin covers Jon Stewart and linguist George Lakoff, Callimachus takes a look at the growing comments on pro-Iraq war political blogs where bloggers are being challenged: “You support the war, so why don’t you go over there and fight it, or else shut up?� in Chickenhawk Meme and stirs up a hornets nest, and gets an incoming link from Instapundit as reward in the challenging series of posts starting with My Left Behind.

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