Quick News Hits From All Over

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A roundup of what’s going on yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Will changing daylight savings time save energy but mess up the economy? National Geographic writes about it.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy has a good rundown of gun laws of america.
  • Do political opposites attract? That’s what Dean’s World tries to get to the bottom of in this interesting post, ‘When Conservatives Marry Liberals’.
  • Kinetic Thought looks at the Muslim Double Standard.
  • More “Not In Our Name” rallies are happening, and Instapundit points to one happening in Cairo today.
  • Michael Cutler pleads with the government to not privatize federal aviation screeners over at The Counterterrorism Blog.
  • Ann Althouse is close to hitting 2 million visitors to her blog. Way to go!
  • Political Wire notes that cracks are starting to emerge in the John Roberts nomination process.
  • Steven Emerson says the latest fatwa, issued by Muslim leaders in the US, is bogus.
  • The Washington Times editorializes about Air America and how they could be in hot water if allegations that they siphoned money from non-profits to fund their launch prove true.
  • More london bomb suspects have been caught, as reported by MSNBC.
  • Paul Krugman takes a look at French Family Values and notes the French spend more time with their families.
  • The LA Times looks at the papers the White House doesn’t want to release about John Roberts, and notes they might not be covered by attorney client privilege.
  • David Ignatius worries about Iraq’s stability after he gets a letter from a Sunni friend who has been pushing for cooperation, but is seeing chaos.
  • The GOP pours 500K into the race against Iraq War veteran and Ohio democrat Paul Hackett.

That’s probably going to be it for me today, so have a good evening and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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