Michael Brown (Yes, That One) Responds At TMV

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

The Moderate Voice’s Joe Gandelman apologizes…

Dear Michael Brown:

We were wrong. And we owe you an apology.

In watching the recent videos of videoconferences immediately before and during Katrina, we were struck by one fact: in these tapes you are the one virtually clamoring for government action. In fact, at one point it seemed you were frantically hoping that the scope of the potential disaster was understood by everyone.

…and the Michael Brown responds…

Dear Joe:

I have religiously avoided responding to any of the blogs, but feel compelled to respond to you. Apology accepted. And thank you, too, for the apology.

I have stated on numerous occasions the mistakes that I made and accepted responsiblity for those mistakes. And, I hope now that the public, Congress, and espcially the Administration, will heed the warnings I wrote to them in 2003, 2004 and 2005, that this kind of disaster was inevitable because of the way the Department of Homeland Security was functioning. I would be glad to provide you copies of those memos if you’re interested.

As they say…read the whole thing. And yes, it’s been confirmed that this is the real guy.

Here are my thoughts on this. It’s now apparent that Brown really was unfairly cast as the scapegoat in all of this, and that’s unfortunate. However, do I think he should have been appointed to head FEMA in the first place? No. As I detailed here, here and here, he was hardly qualified. But did he deserve the backlash he recieved after Katrina? No. Not by a long shot.

In short, sorry Michael.

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5 Responses to “Michael Brown (Yes, That One) Responds At TMV”

  1. Brian in MA Says:

    So… Now “You did a good job, Brownie” doesn’t sound *as* ridiculous.

    This is why i love your blog, you truly are fair and balanced.

    (btw. don’t mind my right-wing outbursts from time-to-time, I just happen to have strong beliefs, y’know)

  2. john Says:


    The quote was “You’re doing a Heck of a job, Brownie” present tense. It seems by this that he was not a complete inept administrator in the planning phase, but completely inept at coordination. The quote still sounds just as ridiculous. The quote actually sounds more ridiculous now as Bush himself has to take some of the Blame as well, something this administration refuses to do until there is complete and unequivical evidence to their incompetence.

  3. Justin Gardner Says:

    Thanks Brian. We try.

  4. reader_iam Says:

    You can both be scapegoated AND still bear significant amounts of responsibility. The groundwork for the disaster of communication and response, etc., was laid well before last year’s Hurricane season, and Brown participated in that. Personally, I’m in no hurry to give Brown even a tarnished halo.

  5. The Moderate Voice Says:

    Dear Michael Brown: I Was Wrong (UPDATED)

    (NOTE FOR SATURDAY: This ran yesterday but since some other weblogs have joined in on this issue, we’re moving it from yesterday’s blog and reposting it today. We will continue to add links of blogs on this issue. Scroll down because NEWER posts…

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