Psycho Killer Raccoons Terrorize Olympia

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Kitchen Sink

No, not Olympia Snowe. Olympia, Washington.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why did Justin post this?” To that I would like to point you back towards the title of this post, which is also the exact same title of the story from ABC News.

And I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh out loud when I read sentences like this:

In one case five raccoons tried to carry off a small dog, which managed to survive.

No word yet on the dog’s mental state.

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7 Responses to “Psycho Killer Raccoons Terrorize Olympia”

  1. Walrus Says:

    Flee in terror!!!

  2. Brian in MA Says:

    It is so nice to have a light topic every once in a while.

    “BEWARE! Bandits are area on the lose. Look for small men in black masks, they are known cat burglars but dogs may not be safe depending on size. GUARD YOUR VALUABLES!”

  3. andrew Says:

    Raise the terror alert level!

  4. Dana Says:

    I have killer jackrabbits. Maybe they could team up.

  5. Pam Corwin Says:

    My name is Pam Corwin. I am the West Olympia resident in the original story about the raccoons -I’m the person who built the ‘cat coop’ in my yard. I just have to say that as creepy as this situation is, and as sad as it is that people have lost their pets, even we in the neighborhood think it’s incredibly amusing that it’s become a worldwide headline that we have ‘psycho killer raccoons”. And all of us appreciate and are enjoying the humor people like you are bringing to the situation. Thanks for some perspective. the situation IS real. but fergodsake, it’s not front page news.

  6. DosPeros Says:

    I have recently interviewed one of these bastard raccoons to get “behind” the story as they say. Your name was mentioned explicitly Pam.

    BTW, I’ve started my own blog. I’m usually 5-10 years late on all trends. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

  7. hunter Says:

    you dont even need a license to get these guys and as long as the neighbors be quiet about this, no PETA emotional bs happening too. As the coons learn fast, leaving a dead (mutilated) coon in the middle of a street is a good way of letting them know they’re not welcome, and let dogs get accustomed to tasting coon blood, and let ‘em starve so they work for what they want, and you get what you want, dead coons. if the neighbor’s sadistic, or “country” enough, then the coons will leave or die out there soon.

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