Unity ’08 Wants Bloomberg

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I found this tidbit in the latest story about Unity ’08 by Eleanor Clift…

The site is inviting “Dream Team� submissions, and the founders are briefing potential candidates. Among them: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who’s pro-gun control and pro-environment, and Nebraska GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel, an antiwar Republican. The founders don’t quite say it, but Bloomberg is the one they’re really after. He could inject big ideas into a policy debate that is already threatening to be overly careful and focus-grouped. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a billionaire, and could fund a campaign out of his own pocket.

My question…who are the candidates being briefed besides those two?

And here’s an interesting sidenote about the idea of one of the mainstream candidates seeking the Unity ’08 nomination anyway…

Unity ’08 is determined to get on the ballot in all 50 states. If that happens, the group will become a force for the other parties to reckon with. Bailey told NEWSWEEK that he could envision one of the two major-party nominees deciding to seek the Unity ’08 nod rather than run against a third-party ticket. “But he or she would have to name a vice president from the opposition party,� Bailey adds. That could prove a major stumbling block, of course. But Bailey sees it as an opportunity to also showcase cabinet choices that would be a mix of Republicans and Democrats.

Something tells me that the only candidate who could do this would be a Dem, and even then it would be hard as hell to get a Republican to play second fiddle…but you never know.

Of course, could Hagel capture the Unity ’08 nomination and attract a second tier Dem like Gravel to be his VP? Because if you go over to Gravel’s site, he’s in favor of abolishing the income tax and coming up with a national sales tax…an idea that could really excite independents.

In any event…Unity ’08 seems to still be hanging in there and making news. Good for them.

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One Response to “Unity ’08 Wants Bloomberg”

  1. Rich Horton Says:

    The folks over at Unity 08 were nice enough to invite me last summer to blog for their site. I couldn’t bring myself to accept since I’m decidely against “clean election” practices, but I certainly wish them well.

    I do wish, however, that some serious candidate would make proposals that would do away with the use of Property taxes as opposed to income tax. At least with income taxes you HAVE the money to begin with.

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