More On Norman Hsu, Fugitive Donor

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money

I promised I’d keep you all up to date, and so…

The biggest “new” news from this story in the NY Times is that:

  1. He’s originally from Hong Kong.
  2. Hsu was going to co-host a large Democratice fundraiser with Quincy Jones next month.
  3. He’s donated $255,970 to Democrat candidates and causes.
  4. He says that the whole “not showing up to court” thing was a mixup.
  5. Authorities say they didn’t pursue him because they thought he had gone back to China.
  6. He’s on the Board of Governors at the prestigious New School in New York City.


Some Clinton donors said yesterday that they did not expect the Hsu matter to hurt Mrs. Clinton unless a pattern of problematic fund-raising or compromised donors emerged, which would raise questions about the campaign’s vetting of donors. Mr. Hsu’s legal problems were first reported yesterday by The Los Angeles Times; The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday about his bundling of questionable contributions.

“Everyone is trying to make the implications that it’s Chinese money, that it’s the Al Gore thing all over again, but I haven’t seen any proof of that,” said John A. Catsimatidis, a leading donor and fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton in New York.

But no mention of the Paws in this story, the family who donated $45K to Clinton and has very close ties with Hsu.

More as it develops…

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