September/October Content Gone Forever

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging

Yep, my hosting company just told me that they couldn’t find my lost files in their backups and so it’s gone forever. That’s a good month and a half’s worth of work that just went poof!

Needless to say I will be backing things up every night and this will never happen again. But at least now I can get on with my life and not worry about updating our databases.

Somebody suggested I check through Google’s cache to get the lost posts. Good idea, and I’ll probably be doing just that. The only problem? No comments, and comments are really what a blog is all about. A lot of great discussion happened in October and September and now it’s lost. Sure, I can try to recreate those too, but that would take months.

In any event, we’re back online and hopefully you’ll continue to follow us, even without the lost content.

Something tells me you will. :-)

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14 Responses to “September/October Content Gone Forever”

  1. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    My firewall keeps popping up when I come here about some Trojan file being blocked. Anyone else getting this problem? It says “JS/Downloader-AUD”

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Jimmy, my system is fine–no firewall warnings. Justin, sorry that all your hard work got trashed. I don’t really access the older content so it’s no different for me. Thanks for sticking in there,

  3. sadcox Says:

    Too bad Justin…although I’d read most of it already, but that sucks for you. There was some good stuff there. At least you learned the backup lesson fairly early though. It’s a tough one when it happens.

  4. Justin Gardner Says:

    I’m sorry Jimmy, but I’m not recreating that either. There’s no audio file, and I can’t think of what JD is. If you continue to get it, tell me again and I’ll post about it and see if anybody else is getting it.

  5. Dyre42 Says:

    I’m getting no such message either.

  6. Britt Treece Says:

    Google Reader has all the posts from the time period which is missing. I would think you could do an OPML export from GR and import the missing posts into WP. Comments would still be missing, but it’s better than nothing.

  7. Joshua Says:

    In a strange way, this incident is kind of flattering. You know your blog’s moving up in the ‘sphere when someone figures they can get their proverbial 15 minutes of fame by hacking it.

    I’ve not visited/commented here lately as often as I used to (due to time constraints, not the blog quality) so I’ve not noticed much of the loss. In any case though, hang in there – we still love ya. :)

  8. mw Says:

    Jimmy – what firewall are you using?

  9. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    I’m getting it at my work computer too, but this time it says “JS-PSYME.ANT” I have something called “trend office scan” there, and Macafee at home. I think it has something to do with loading the images at the bottom of this page, because it keeps popping up as they are loading.

  10. gerryf Says:

    probably mcafee

    Justin, you may want to see if someone left a little something behind after the hack. “JS/Downloader-AUD” is most often seen on websites where a php script attempts to download a trojan onto viewers computers. Since wordpress is php-based, whoever hacked your site might have dropped the download script into your public_html directory somewhere, which is attempting to infect unprotected machines.

    Jimmy, you need to update your computer with the various windows updates. the script takes advantage of a known exploit that microsoft patched some time ago

    Also, check for a file
    C:\Sys{4 random alphabets}.exe in your root

  11. probligo Says:

    FOr once I am on Jimmy’s side. I posted just before the last crash and again last night that Norton AV was picking up crap from this site.

    And believe me I have all of the Windows updates, AdAware, AV in abundance. That is why I get the warning and action from NAV.

    It seems to load, at least I have noticed it most frequently, on the add comments page.

  12. Jeremy Says:

    Justin, did you contact your ISP about this incident? I would, and I would also mention that this has happened before and you would like it documented.

    Concerning the possible viral activity going on at the site, it’s probably not a good idea to openly discuss what viruses/trojans we are encountering, although, it is a little fact the fact now. The person that “hacked” their way into the site in undoubtedly listening and taking notes as to what worked and what didn’t. They will glean any information that is discussed publicly and use that information for the next takeover.

    Jimmy, have you updated all of your AV and Maliciousware programs? If so, have you ran a thorough anti-virus scan/malware scan in safe mode? Sometimes viruses and trojans are memory resident and the only way to catch them in in safe mode.

    Perhaps it would be wiser to contact Justin via e-mail with any unusual behavior or security breaches, since that communication avenue is private so the “haxors” do not benefit from the pleasure of being LaM3Rs.

  13. Jeremy Says:

    Now that I think about it, they didn’t hack Justin’s computer, they hacked his blog’s host site, so that company would have to contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

    The ICCC isn’t likely to do anything about your blog being hacked but if it occurs repeatedly they might. I don’t know, I’m not a network guru but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

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