Did Hillary Plant CNN/YouTube Debate Question?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Debates, Hillary, Military, Republicans, Sexuality

By now you’ve probably heard that the biggest news about the CNN/YouTube debate wasn’t the candidate’s answers, but Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr and his question about the “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” policy.

Folks, the question itself was poignant. There’s no doubt about that. All over the world, gay men and women are allowed to serve right alongside their straight counterparts, but in the US we say it would upset some sort of balance the moment was shattered by the news that he has more than just a passing affiliation with Hillary’s prez bid.

Now, who knows if the campaign was behind it or not, but as with many things that have to do with the Clintons, it feels calculated.

From Politico:

The retired general who asked about gays and lesbians serving in the military at the CNN/YouTube Republican debate on Wednesday is a co-chairman of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s National Military Veterans group.

Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr was named a co-chairman of the group this month, according to a campaign press release.

He was also active in John F. Kerry’s 2004 campaign for president.

And let’s not forget that no less than three weeks ago, Hillary got taken to the woodshed over planting questions in a town hall forum.

To be fair, Kerr says that the campaign had nothing to do with it…

That led to charges from some conservative commentators late Wednesday that Kerr’s question about gays in the military was planted by the Clinton campaign. Kerr denied in a telephone interview that the question was a setup and said the Clinton camp was “in no way attached” to his query.

The executive producer of the debate, CNN Vice President David Bohrman, said the cable network had taken some precautions, verifying Kerr’s military background and that he had not contributed to any presidential candidate.

“We regret this, and apologize to the Republican candidates,” Bohrman said. “We never would have used the general’s question had we known that he was connected to any presidential candidate.”

Frankly, it’s hard to believe CNN when the General has appeared on their network, but this could be yet another example of how sloppy the news channels have gotten in recent years. They’d much rather focus on how many DUIs Britney gets than making sure their debate questions are free and clear of scrutiny.

It’s even more difficult to believe that the campaign had nothing to do with this.

More as it develops…

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2 Responses to “Did Hillary Plant CNN/YouTube Debate Question?”

  1. Jammer Says:

    Like most things of focus to the national media, this is a complete non-issue. First of all, if it was planted so what? Second of all, there was a lot more to discuss about the debate last night than this issue. Third, what is the problem with a calculating candidate, to accept the premise asserted, in the form of HRC? We have had 7 years of complete non-calculation. All politicians are calculating and schemers. Dont doubt it for a second. Even the “Godly” Huckabee fits that category. Our job in part is to pick the calculating schemer who will best protect our country and move us forward domestically.

  2. Haze Says:

    Get real, Jammer!

    The real issue is FAIRNESS and OBJECTIVITY.

    Would CNN ever allow a conservative operative to POSE as a Democrat and ask a difficult question of Hillary Clinton?

    No way.

    CNN would never allow that to happen.

    CNN’s bias is WORSE than FOX News. It’s pathetically obvious.

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