Bill Clinton Defends Disenfranchising Nevada Voters

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Hillary, Nevada, Video

If you haven’t heard yet, back in March 2007 Nevada made it okay for workers on the Las Vegas strip to caucus in several casinos around the area. That way they could ACTUALLY get a vote. If that didn’t happen, there’s probably no way they could go back to where they live during their lunch break and caucus.

Cut to two days after Barack Obama gets endorsed by the Culinary Workers Union last week, and we find that supporters of Hillary Clinton (not the official campaign) have filed a lawsuit trying to make it illegal for those workers to caucus where they work.

A reporter in Las Vegas asked Bill Clinton why the campaign hasn’t taken a stronger stance against this lawsuit, and Bill got a little upset.

This is yet another reason why having Bill on the campaign trail is not a good idea for Hillary. Let’s just put aside that it sends the message we’ll have a dual presidency. Let’s put aside the fact that having a two term president actively attacking a rival primary candidate is pretty much unprecedented.

Instead, focus on whether or not you think his anger was justified after that exchange. Because for my money, it wasn’t. And this has become a trend with Clinton in recent years when he’s asked difficult question. He puffs up and starts getting defensive REALLY quick. Not the most effective way to get people to believe that you haven’t taken a position on the lawsuit. In fact, he defended its merits quite succinctly.

No, they’re not behind it. No, not at all.

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2 Responses to “Bill Clinton Defends Disenfranchising Nevada Voters”

  1. Richard Andre Says:

    Bill Clinton Defends Disenfranchising Nevada Voters?
    here is what I know…
    It is interested to note that NBC went to court to prevent Kucinich appearing on the debate in Nevada. One on the reason for this censorship is that they are afraid that Kucinich will talk about what happen in New Hampshire. The polls were actually correct; indeed there was a fraud benefiting the so-called surprised winner. Eventually the American people will know the truth. And when that happens the propensity will clearly go toward the leader with the sound judgment not the divider. Kucinich really believe that there was a fraud. He supports this belief with hard cash, by paying for the recounts that is now in order. Kucinich believes that Barrack Obama has won the New Hampshire primary; And Hillary Clinton came in second, if the machine were accurate. Technicians who support the Diebold machine were allowed to break the security seal and to change the memory card on the machine during the Election Day under the pretense that the diebold machine broke down. There seems to be evidence that the surprise winner got a bump of +4.5% and the second candidate’s count was subtracting by 2.5%

  2. Doug’s Dynamic Drivel » Democracy Clinton Style? Says:

    [...] revelation we get news of what’s happening in Nevada where Clinton supporters have, with the blessings apparently of Bill Clinton, done a 180 and started a legal action (that thankfully failed) to block hotel/casino/’strip [...]

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