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Office 365 Update Comes with Better Web Experience


If you use Office 365 often, there is some good news for you. The Microsoft team is working on an update that is supposed to completely change the app launcher. While this is not the first redesign, this time the update will focus on the efficiency of the application, making it more user-friendly than before

The new app launcher will be personalized

The coming Office 365 update will focus on the user’s needs and preferences, shaping the program so that it can allow easy access to the most popular apps: “The apps users see are still based on the licenses their admin has assigned. However, the redesigned main view now emphasizes the most used applications across Office 365. It also highlights additional apps relevant to your users. For example, teachers and students may see education-specific apps.” This means that you will be able to use your favorite apps, and also get recommendations for other similar app. “The new app launcher is personalized and will help users open and switch between the apps they use most,” the Microsoft team added.

Minimalist approach

The upcoming update will try to remove unnecessary details and with will sport a simpler design that looks sleeker. Each user will see only the icons that are relevant for him or her, so the app list will have fewer icons than before. Office 365 will automatically select the applications that are considered useful for you.

We should also mention that there will be just one Outlook icon for Tasks, Mail and People Calendar and you will have to select the icon and then switch to what you need. If you want them separate again you can pin either of them to the new app launcher.

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