McCain Wins Florida

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He has opened up a bigger lead, 36% to Romney’s 31%. The networks have called it. And this is good news for McCain because maybe he can’t claim a resounding victory, but whenever you defeat your opponent by 5% it’s certainly not a tie.

From AP:

Returns from 64 percent of the state’s precincts showed McCain, the Arizona senator, with 36 percent of the vote and Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, with 31 percent.

McCain’s victory was his first-ever primary win in a state that allowed only Republicans to vote. His previous victories, in New Hampshire and South Carolina this year, and in two states in 2000 came in elections open to independents. He campaigned with the support of the state’s two top Republican elected officials, Gov. Charlie Crist and Sen. Mel Martinez.

Romney’s only primary win so far was in Michigan, a state where he grew up and claimed a home-field advantage. He also has caucus victories to his credit in Wyoming and Nevada.

A survey of voters as they left their polling places showed the economy was the top issue for nearly half the Republican electorate. McCain led his rival among those voters, blunting Romney’s weeklong effort to persuade Floridians that his background as a businessman made him best-suited for heading off a recession.

Oh, and expect Giuliani to drop out soon and endorse McCain. No surprise there. Huckabee should drop out as well, but that’s up in the air.

Last note…even though Ron Paul got 3% of the vote tonight he’ll keep going in hopes that somehow he can collect enough stray delegates to, umm, well I’m not quite sure what he wants to do. But whatever it is, good luck with that Ron!

I’m stupid. This contest is a winner-take-all, so tonight is quite a big win for McCain because he gets 57 delegates.

Again, my apologies for not knowing this beforehand.

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2 Responses to “McCain Wins Florida”

  1. mark Says:

    Your are not as stupid as McCain and the voters that voted for him

  2. DivingDW Says:

    Paulbot here, spamming your blog post… heh.

    Anyways, I am almost certain that Paul will not win, however most of us are just hoping to get our voices heard through Ron Paul. He is our mouthpiece at the moment, and what he is doing is uniting us and showing us we can all work together to change things in this country. As a Libertarian, I was used to .2% of the vote, and was discouraged that my views were not well recieved throughout the country, even though the people I talked to all seemed to get it. We never had a ‘movement’ such as this, where we all worked together to try and force the media to pay attention, where we canvassed neighborhoods to get out the message, and donated large portions of money to a candidate not even likely to win. After watching Paul’s campaign, I’m looking forward to the future of politics, and can not wait till we see what impact we have had. I will vote for him in Ohio, and urge everyone to actually listen to whats being said, without the MSM distortions. He doesn’t blame America for 9/11, just as we don’t blame the victim of a murder if they gave their attacker a motive. Let’s jsut hope the message that began with .2% of us spreads to even more ears during this election year, and maybe we can get a more responsible government in later years.

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