Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses

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This just in…

Obama had 59 percent, or 4,459 votes, to Clinton’s 40 percent, or 3,081 votes, with 22 of 23 Wyoming counties reporting.

Obama won seven delegates and Clinton won five. In the overall race for the nomination, Obama led 1,578-1,468, according to the latest tally by The Associated Press. It will take 2,025 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

This is what the Obama campaign now says about the delegate math

On a conference call with reporters, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe argued that tonight’s results put Hillary in a deeper hole.

He noted that given tonight’s results, Hillary has to win 63% of the remaining pledged delegates, which “would mean getting 68% or 70% of the vote everywhere.”

People, she simply can’t make that margin up. Of course somebody could find out something crazy about Obama, but that’s not likely at this point with Hillary’s team digging through his past.

Now, I do wonder what would happen if Florida and Michigan were thrown back into the mix with re-dos, but with the DNC saying the won’t pony up any cash, and the Obama camp unlikely to cough up $20M for new contests in both states, it’s essentially over.

And yet we’ll still keep going on and Hillary will continue to paint Obama as somebody who isn’t fit to be President.

And so it goes…

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4 Responses to “Obama Wins Wyoming Caucuses”

  1. kritter Says:

    Man, only 12 delegates.

    Does it bother anyone else that Puerto Rico gets 55 delegates and they aren’t even a state? 55 delegates is more delegates than like 25 states, at a hasty count.

  2. axt113 Says:

    She’s going to push the big state issue as much as she can, especially if she wins PA, she’ll be like Obama can’t win the big states, you have to pick me.

    Plus she’ll count on the media to tear down Obama as much as they can

  3. Jon Kay Says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Puerto Rico gets 55 delegates and they aren’t even a state? 55 delegates is more delegates than like 25 states, at a hasty count.

    Not me – it’s got a big population, almost 4M. It’s also in the same halfway spot on the state population rankings.

  4. kritter Says:

    Yeah Jon, but it’s not a state.

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