Dancing Is Now Illegal?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Civil Liberties, D.C.

At least at national monuments in D.C.

Also, from somebody at the scene…

Perhaps six minutes into the event, security tried to stop us and kick us out of the memorial. Most of the Jefferson fans questioned the officers to try to understand what authority they citing to use force against us. Unfortunately I wasn’t near the “Jefferson 1” so I can’t tell you what she did or didn’t do but she was hauled away, handcuffed, in a police van and charged with disorderly conduct.

So in the 2008 version of the USA you cannot dance at the Jefferson Memorial without being disorderly it seems.

I’d like for you to think about the country we are living in and how far we’ve drifted from what Jefferson and the founding fathers wanted for us. The wrong people and ideas govern us and we need to change the direction we’re heading in. Not by electing different politicians but by electing to take charge of our own lives and removing a government that controls us to the point where we can’t dance to celebrate the birthday of our hero on public property.

The problem here is that cops are trained to look for things out of the ordinary and stop them. Ultimately, this is an unfortunately policy because it singles out people who don’t go with the flow.

And so it goes…

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2 Responses to “Dancing Is Now Illegal?”

  1. More links « Free the Jefferson 1! Says:

    [...] Donklephont: Dancing Is Now Illegal? [...]

  2. An attendee. Says:

    It was more like two minutes. I didn’t even get through my first (4 minute long) song.

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