Obama To Announce Two More Superdelegates Today

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First, this nugget from The Caucus…

Since Mrs. Clinton’s win in the Pennsylvania primary, Mr. Obama has landed more superdelegates, 7 to 3.

So after these two superdelegates today, Obama will be leading Hillary 3-1 post-Pennsylvania.

Now, onto the first superdelegate of the day (via TPM)

The Obama campaign confirms that he will get the endorsement of Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa today.

It’s a key super-del get for Obama, because Braley’s from a rural swing district and is a former Edwards backer, which could help defuse the talk that Obama is struggling with white working class voters.

That same story claims that he’ll announce a second super today, and maybe more.

Meanwhile, Missouri senator Claire McCaskill is speaking openly that the superdelegate game is nearly over…

While more than 80 Democrats in the House and Senate have yet to state their preferences in the race for the Democratic nomination, sources said Tuesday that most of them have already made up their minds and have told the campaigns where they stand.

“The majority of superdelegates I’ve talked to are committed, but it is a matter of timing,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). “They’re just preferring to make their decision public after the primaries are over. … They would like someone else to act for them before they talk about it in the cold light of day.”

Obama currently holds an 18-13 lead among committed superdelegates in the Senate, while Clinton holds a 77-74 lead in the House. Asked which way the committed-but-unannounced superdelegates are leaning, McCaskill — who has endorsed Obama — said: “James Brown would say, ‘I Feel Good.’”

Note the story said “sources”, so this is coming from more than just McCaskill.

More as it develops..

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  1. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Obama Adds 2 More Superdelegates, Hillary Adds Another Says:

    [...] The first one for Obama today was Rep. Bruce Braley from Iowa, and we covered that earlier today. [...]

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