Obama’s Stock Drops Among White Women

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Gender, Hillary, Polls

Gee…I wonder why…

The Pew polls states specifically that Obama’s problems have more to do with personal reasons than politics, and in recent weeks Hillary has made this campaign ALL about how she’s getting cheated because of sexism in the media, etc. So who else are these white women going to point their finger at?

Here’s some of what they found…

Currently, just 46% of those who support Clinton for the nomination say the party will unite behind Obama if he is the nominee. In March, 58% of Clinton supporters said the party would rally behind Obama if he is the nominee. [...]

Recent declines in Obama’s image have been pronounced among whites – especially white women. Currently, just 43% of white women express a positive opinion of Obama, down from 56% in late February. [...]

The survey finds that as many 39% of Clinton’s female supporters believe that her gender has hurt her candidacy.

It’s pretty frustrating really, because everybody knows that without white women, you won’t win the presidency. It just can’t happen.

So here’s the billion dollar question…what will Hillary do to get these women back?

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Stock Drops Among White Women”

  1. BW Says:

    Women who are offended by Barack Obama and his hate preaching friends have seen with their own eyes the kind of hatemonger and sexist that he is. They are not following Clinton’s lead on this, Clinton is expressing what we are all seeing and feeling. I must thank her for giving voice to what we are all seeing. I would suggest that you take this matter seriously. I would even beg you to do so. Anything else is so disrespectful – it is hard to imagine that we were once in the same democratic party.

  2. TerenceC Says:


    She deserved to lose – she did it to herself. Arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and a life time of arm twisting to get her “way” (and the subsequent pay-back that behavior brings). That’s why she lost – it has nothing to do with sexism, it has everything to do with stupidity. “Do on to others……” doesn’t just apply to religious communities. And despite what JG says – Obama doesn’t need a large share of the old dried up white women to win – he only needs 40%-45% or so because his demographic is so broad. Don’t be angry at Obama – be angry at Hillary for being so stupid – this thing was hers to lose, and she did it.

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