Chuck Hagel To Join Obama On Iraq Trip

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Iraq, Republicans

McCain has Lieberman…and Obama has Hagel.

From Wash Wire:

While it is standard practice for such trips—known as CODELS, or congressional delegations—to be bipartisan, in this highly charged election year it is likely to raise eyebrows that the retiring Nebraskan senator—a prominent Iraq War critic—is the Republican expected to join the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee on what is sure to be a closely watched visit to the region.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Sen. Hagel has not yet endorsed a candidate in the race, and he has offered kind words for both Obama and Republican rival Sen. John McCain, although the two Republicans differ greatly on the war.

Hagel’s name has also been mentioned in the chatter over Obama’s running mate—he told the Associated Press in June that he would consider a vice presidential invitation, although he conceded such an offer is unlikely. Hagel has also been discussed as a speculative candidate for a Cabinet post if Obama is elected in November.

I certainly have my doubts that Hagel would be Obama’s running mate, but I’m sure Obama’s folks will have their eye on Chuck during this trip.

Still it’s a longshot.

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4 Responses to “Chuck Hagel To Join Obama On Iraq Trip”

  1. Jim S Says:

    Hage could wind up in an Obama cabinet, no problem. VP is extremely unlikely, though.

  2. Jim S Says:


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  4. mw Says:

    Been thinking about this…

    The Obama campaign is so politically savvy that I expect they will make the VP move specifically to undercut whatever McCain does. The Dem convention is after the Reps, so why shouldn’t Obama just wait and countermove McCain?

    If McCain takes Palin or Fiorina to play for the woman vote, Obama takes Clinton, McCaskel or Sebalius

    If McCain take Crist or Jindal to get Florida and lock the south, Obama takes Richardson to get the Hispanic vote and lock in the West.

    If McCain takes Romney for Economics, Obama takes Dodd to go toe to toe on economic issues.

    If McCain makes a play for Ohio with Portman, Obama takes Rendel to lock down Pennsylvania.

    If McCain takes Lieberman, Obama takes Hagel. (neither likely in my estimation – still going with the Hagel as SECDEF, Biden as SECSTATE in the Obama cabinet).

    Obama will wait for McCain to move, then cut him off with a chop block at the knees.

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