Obama to Sponsor NASCAR Car

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Looks like the Barack Obama campaign is not leaving any marketing idea on the table. Reports today indicate that Obama will sponsor a NASCAR car. He will be the primary sponsor of BAM Racing’s #49 Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3rd with the option to continue the sponsorship if desired.

Hopefully this will go better than John Kerry’s famed “Who among us does not love NASCAR?” moment in 2004. While that famous quote may have never been said, it’s safe to say that Kerry’s NASCAR appearance didn’t exactly earn him any conservative cred. I’m not sure Obama’s name flashing around in a loop will do much good either but, hey, who knows?

For those of you who know the sport: Ken Schrader will reportedly drive the car. Now, that team will have to qualify on speed, meaning the Obamamobile could be left on the sidelines for the main race. Although who here wants to bet on a fast start followed by some slow moments, then a powerful surge before slowing and just barely qualifying?

FYI: The car will be a Toyota but there’s no word if Obama will insist it be a hybrid.

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6 Responses to “Obama to Sponsor NASCAR Car”

  1. Agnostick Says:

    Smart. On the one hand, you’re supposed to stand for change, hope etc.

    On the other hand… gas might be $5/gallon by the time this event rolls around, and Obama’s gonna slap his name on one of the most wasteful sports products out there.

    Yeah, that’s smart.

    [email protected]

  2. Steve Luvender Says:

    The car didn’t make the race… refunds are extremely rare in NASCAR, meaning the campaign’s out some cash.

  3. Steve Luvender Says:

    Not sure what I was thinking… he’s sponsoring the team at Pocono, not Chicagoland… the team didn’t even attempt Chicagoland… heh.

  4. Cooday Says:

    David Letterman also loves auto racing. If Barack ever gos on David Letterman maybe both of you can discuss Auto Racing? Let him know! After all there is more to life then Politics! My Big Sis also loves NASCAR too but will only drive 50 miles per hour on the highway! Its safer that way she says.

    My Most Favorite Driver is Jacques Villeneuve who just missed the Triple Crown of auto racing.

    Jacques is also a great singer and I have him right next to John Mellencamp on my web site! Yes Jaques is also a great artist like John Mellencamp. Jacques is also one of the influences for my own music.

    Anther fan afilmby combined a great video with highlights of Jaque’s racing career and one of my favorite songs on YouTube.

    Jacques Villeneuve – “Accepterais Tu” translation is Soulmates – Youtube Music Video.


  5. The Obamamobile? « ChenZhen’s Chamber Says:

    [...] I’d post an addendum to my “Obama compounds” thread, and highlight one more I spotted.  This one, however, might be a little less ambiguous: Analysis: Obama could get mileage from [...]

  6. Right Democrat Says:

    Connecting with NASCAR fans is a good idea but the aide who thought that sponsoring a Toyota would help Obama did not understand the demographic. Unlike trendy progressives, NASCAR fans overwhelmingly prefer American cars. While I understand that some Toyota vehicles are made in the USA (by non-union labor), it is still a foreign car. To associate Obama with a foreign and non-union made vehicle doesn’t hep with the blue collar base in Michigan, Ohio or Pennsylvania either.

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